[USS Vanguard] Sickbay's Action

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  • Date: Mon, 07 Jun 2004 18:53:58 -0500

Author: Lt Cmdr Xristha Droin, MD
Position: Chief Medical Officer
Setting: Vanguard CMO Quarters


=^= "McCaw to sickbay, please lock on to Ens. Dufty and beam him to a 

=^= "Sickbay here. What's his condition?"

=^= "Chronic Idiocy. McCaw out."

<end snip>

?The diagnosis for idiocy went out in the Elizabethan era on Earth. I?m sure 
McCaw misdiagnosed.? Xristha said to the emergency med tech who was the on 
call specialist.

A badly scraped and bleeding Dufty appeared in sickbay, he was applying 
pressure to a laceration on his left hip. ?What happened?? Xristha asked 
while grabbing a pain blocker.

?I explained it to Lieutenant McCaw.? He said between breaths.

?That?s nice for Lieutenant McCaw. If I am to treat you I need to know the 
cause of the trauma.? She inspected it, ?It looks like you were mauled.?

He didn?t say anything, just looked at the Chief Medical Officer.

?You were mauled?? She asked running a dermal regenerator over the open 
wound. ?Spill it.?

She learned of the mishap and lack of judgment.

?You?re lucky you are alive.? Xristha said. She finished patching him up and 
gave him a low dosage of pain blocker, enough for him to remember his 
stupidity for a while. She rolled her eyes and went back to her desk.

<Later, senior staff assembled>


"I cannot compel any of you to join this mission," Santos concluded. "When 
we break up this meeting, I will return to my office. I expect you all to 
brief your staff and for your staff to keep this confidential, no matter the 
outcome of their decision. Anyone who wishes to leave has until 1100 to do 

"After that, the Vanguard, using the coordinates given to me and handed over 
to M.J. Valentine, will proceed to the Borg home world."

<end snip>

Xristha sat for a moment and thought. She was concerned for Cynan and the 
team on another mission. It sound mythical in nature, but she trusted her 
colleagues. Her mind paused for one moment, thinking about Cynan and their 
rocky relationship, if it could be called that. Since it was mythic in 
nature she decided that a little praying wouldn?t hurt. She closed her eyes 
for a moment and said a prayer to Vodina, the water goddess on Bandi, the 
most treasured element and most powerful deity. She wasn?t sure it would 
help, but she decided it probably wouldn?t hurt.

On top of that she was also concerned for the ship?s own task at hand. That 
didn?t mean she was going to give up.

?Captain, we?ve had difficult choices to make in the past. I?ll be in 
sickbay informing my crew of their options. I?ll be on the ship to meet the 
borg.? Xristha said getting up from the table.


After briefing the medical crew, it was discovered that no one was leaving 
the ship. Because of the confidentiality factor she could not allow any of 
the staff to contact their families. The crew themselves had served as one 
another?s families. They would make it together.

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