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?Let?s start with the introductions, shall we. First of all, I?d like to 
aboard Mister Shar, who will be serving as our new Intelligence Officer.?

They applauded Shar, who nodded and smiled at the Captain.

?Mister Shar will be joining Ceelak Nostrova, our exchange officer, who will 
making a transition into Security and heading up the Security department as 
new Chief Security Officer.?

"Mr. Shar, I am looking forward to working with you," she said. "Perhaps we
could arrange a meeting tomorrow morning to discuss security measures and to
decide which desk each of us wants."

Ceelak smiled sweetly. She wondered if Shar would be disgruntled to find a
male security chief in the morning.

Shar sipped at his drink and looked around the room at the people he'd be 
serving with for the foreseable future. He couldn't make heads or tails of 
his direct 'boss', Lieutenant (J.G.) Ceelak. He made a mental note to look 
up the senior officer's records at the next opportunity. He'd meant to 
before this, but he'd gotten waylaied with his late night talk on the bridge 
with the CMO. He'd found her to be a capable woman, and more than a little 
surprised to find that she was 1/4 Romulan herself. At least he knew there 
was someone he'd be happy enough with operating on him, albeit grudgingly. 
He wasn't too fond of doctors or sickbay visits, and kept them to a minimum 
when possible.

He'd exchanged a few short greetings with some of the other staff so far, 
but hadn't really engaged in any real conversation. Not surprisingly, as an 
Intel officer, he prefered to blend into the background rather than draw 
attention to himself most of the time, yet he didn't want to appear rude or 
withdrawn from the crew. Eventually, he'd decided to simply sip his drink, 
sit comfortably, and observe the others, yet not shirk any conversational 
advances. Satisfied with his decision, he let his eyes wander the room 
aimlessly, and took another drink.


Just a little something to start me back into the posting mood.

Lieutenant J.G. Shar
Assistant Security/Tactical Officer / Intelligence Officer
U.S.S. Vanguard

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