[USS Vanguard] Sensations

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  • Date: Wed, 24 Apr 2002 16:11:02 +0100

Lt. JG. Cynan Mandrake.
Location: Borg Pyramid, Vanguard.
Time: During the end of "Rock, Paper, Scissors" (Andy).
Subject: Sensations.




Hey all. Andy, loved that post. Very surprised at your use of language though.. 
but nicely done! I like the tone you gave my 

character too.


Oh and I think advancing the timeline six months to a year ahead is a great 
idea It'll allow me to write about a time-out 

period that I was thinking about :)




[Borg Pyramid]

"Aaah so thats what a klick is.", Mandrake exclaimed.


Highwaij: "Yeah you got it!".


Mandrake: "So why don't they just say <insert whatever the hell it is LOL> 
rather then a klick?


uetan: "Because that would too easy!"


Highwaij: "Its just a klick, Cynan, no big deal."


Mandrake: "A-huh."


He shook his head (mumbling something about it being weird) as the group 
carried on towards the rendezvous point, to where 

Tails, D'Angela and the rest of team were waiting for them to be evacuated.


Zena was walking ahead, Highwaij slightly behind checking the side passages and 
Cynan covered the rear. Their senses were heightened, every sound, every 
whisper, made them jump inside and glance to where it came. He turned around, 
sword clutched in his right hand waiting for anyone or thing to jump out and 
get diced. 


Then the light caught the blade and shown in eye. He began to lose focus, and 
instead look down at his new addition, his Borg'ified arm. He began to flex his 
grip on the tsuka (the handle) and felt a strange sensation, his arm was still 
his (of sorts), but it just didn't feel the same. It felt wrong, it felt Borg.


Zena noticed this and turned around. Her head was placed slightly too one side 
and with a concerned look on her face asked, "Is everything ok, Cynan?"


Cynan: "Huh? O-oh yeah..", he smiled flakily looking up at her.


Zena: "We'll get it sorted when we get back, k? Just hold on."


He tossed the blade to his left, catching it in his other hand and turned 
around, performing a sword flourish.


Cynan: "Sure.. I'll be fine... really."


Pressing on and a few 'klicks' (someone HAS to explain this to me, really!) 
more, he found that the others had stopped. Mandrake continued past, walking 
backwards, still covering the read, to be greeted by a flicker of green light.


Cynan: "What was that !?"


Quetan: "Force field.. y-ou yo..."


Highwaij: "...got through it! The ship must think your Borg!"


Cynan: "I am bloody Borg, look at my arm!"


Mandrake growled and swung it into the panel by his side, sparks few and the 
shield flicked off.


Highwaij: "O'kay buddy, we'll get.."


Tails: "Hey overhear!".


Tails interrupted, calling them over to the evac. point. She'd seen what 
happened but didn't think it was a good idea to start asking any questions 
about it just yet. The group just looked at each other, a sigh of relief 
swiping over their faces, with a look of lets go home.


Tails: "=^= Tails to Vanguard, we're ready to beam back. =^="


Vanguard: "=^= Acknowledged. Energizing. =^="


Just then as the transported were'd (new word?) into action, the Vanguard let 
rip her final assault, she fired on the mines which began to cascade in a 
mighty explosion ripping across the surface of the pyramid.



It was a strange sensation to the away party, as for a moment they were on a 
ship that was about to engulf them in an explosion, and then they were safe and 
sound back on the Vanguard.


Queten: "Everyone o'kay?"


Everyone said that they were, but then Mandrake felt something from inside.


"I think... that you better get me to sic... k.baa.y." he said, and collapsed 
on the floor as a Borg implant pierced the surface off his skin.



OoC: Alexa, you gonna be my saving angel? heh.


Oh and oooops.. having just wrote all this out I noticed that the team had 
already been beamed back. So this is kinda a pre/during post :-/

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