[USS Vanguard] Scared.

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  • Date: Tue, 10 Feb 2004 23:11:02 -0000

Rank: Lt. Cmd. Cynan Mandrake.
Location: Earth; Mexico.
Time: After "Table for Two?=94 (Alexa/Me).

Subject: Scared.

Cynan immediately looked down at his hand and instinctively moved it =

"What's wrong?", Xristha started looking confused. "Don't tell me you =
suddenly gone all shy on me!" she joked.

"I..". Cynan looked up to face her, a worried look in his eye. "I don't
think that this is such a good idea after all. There are things about me
that.. I'm sorry. I have to go."

As he stood up and made for the door, Xristha called on after him. =
Cynan!". It was too late though as he had gone. Once he had made up his =
on something, there was no stopping him.

As he walked away into the night he kept thinking of what he'd left =
behind -
in the caf=E9 and in his past. He'd never been able to get close to =
not since Catherine. Sure he tried with She'Ra but that didn't work.. =
would this? There were just too many issues bouncing around inside his =
Too many complications with no resolutions. Too many dark places without =
light. Too many fears that went unheard.

"Damn it", he exclaimed as he slammed his fist into a wall. He looked =
along the street that he had walked wondering if she would still be =
there, waiting for him to return. Maybe if he tried to explain she would
understand. Maybe he was making something out of nothing and had now
destroyed anything that he ever could have had. He wondered what she was
thinking. If she knew why he had left. What she already knew and what =
records would have told her - she was the ships Doctor, she must have =
them after all.

In truth, the realisation of the whole situation when she had touched =
hand, had scared him.

[To Be Continued...]

OoC: Hmm interesting. So what's my character doing eh? Needs kicking up =
bum me thinks!

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