[USS Vanguard] Saving Doctor Droin

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Lt. Zena Quetan
Angel One
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The Team sat down in Angel One's version of a briefing room, Ensign
Darkwater had suggested going to the Coba Del Rey and using it's sensors to
find Xristha, and that was their next move but before that they needed to
come to an agreement with Miliran, it was critical that they worked together
on this for the best interest of everyone.

Qbed excused herself from the table, Zena nodded and began talking to
Miliran about the situation

<Insert Qbed's post here>

5 minutes had passed when the attendant of the washroom came bursting into
the room, Miliran shot up and was about to speak, Zena could tell by the
expression on his face that something had happened.

"It's Qbed isn't it? what's happened?!" She said silencing Miliran

The attendant panted and clutched his chest to get his breath back "She was
taken...by two alien beings..."

"What alien beings? what did they look like?!" Zena replied

The man roughly described them, but it didn't ring any bells with any of the

"Looks like we're up against something greater then the male inhabitants of
this planet now" Tails commented

Zena turned to Miliran who seemed to be in disbelief of the events taking
place "We're going back to our ship, once we have news I'll contact you"

**Coba Del Rey**

Tails set up the sensors to sweep for Xristha's life signs

Zena attempted to contact the Vanguard but was unsuccessful "We must be out
range" she said in a frustrated tone

"What about Qbed?" Kieran asked

"I would say it's accurate to assume she is no longer on Angel One, and with
that, there is nothing we can do...not without the Vanguard anyway" Zena

"I've found the Doctor!" Tails interrupted

"Transfer the co-ordinates into a tri-corder, I'll contact Miliran and ask
her to meet us near to them" Zena said, she then turned to Challis "Challis,
I'd like you to stay here, keep trying to contact the Vanguard, and stand by
to beam us up from the surface"

Challis nodded

**Angel One's Surface**

The group had assembled and were ready to approach Xristha's location.
Miliran had seemed surprised when Zena had asked her to meet here, She was
unaware that this underground hideaway even existed. Her team were ready to
take Renir and any other rogue servants they came across, Zena and the
others were ready to help Xristha.

They approached the door carefully, then in one swift move Tails kicked it
open and the team ran in with phasers out.

Xristha was alone, strapped to a chair in the centre of the dingy room, Zena
ran over to her, she knelt down and carefully unfastened the restraints.
Xristha fell forward from the chair into Zena's arms, she was conscious but
very weak, Zena held onto her gently, then reached for her commbadge
"Challis two to beam up"

Zena looked at Tails and Kieran "Stay here and help Miliran locate Renir..."
She didn't have time to say anymore as the transporter had locked onto her
and Xristha and had begun to take them, as the yellow shimmer surrounded
them Zena caught a glimpse of Renir and other men appearing behind the
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