[USS Vanguard] Rules of engagement

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Lt.Sam McCaw
Cha Cha Cha
After all hell broke loose...

It is a well established fact amongst conspiracy theorists that Starfleet
Academy enforces only one real rule upon its students: this rule is, put
simply, "don't get caught". As such, no bar fight in the shadow of the
bridge ever lasted more than 30 seconds. Nick Samtos was fully aware of this
and as such was busy looking for an exit when a blue fist clipped his jaw
and sent him reeling. Fortunately a hastily thrown bowl of peanuts came to
his rescue courstesy of Cadet McCaw.

Sam spared a moment to grieve the loss of such a large quantity of salted
snacks, then grabbed Becky Armitage and headed for the nearest exit. The
pair emerged onto the street, just as security arrived. They fled.

Panting and desperate, Sam turned into a small alley followed by Becky and
an unusually tenacious security officer. Seizing his chance, Sam scrambled
up an old fire escape, and once Becky had followed, Sam pulled the ladder up
and dived into the shadows.

Pressed together in the scant shadows, Becky was uncomfortably aware of
Sam's arm across her shoulder, and his ribcage, which pushed into her side
with every stiffled breath he took. The guard shone his torch up and down
the alley, bur mercifully did not look up. Once they were sure he was gone,
Sam and Becky collapsed into fits of nervous giggles.

The walk back to the academy was blissful and slow, but at the door to her
dorm things came (as they always do) to a dramatic head.

Sam muttered "I'd like to apologise for Nick, I'll take you out..."

An eyebrow was raised.

"...to make up for it! I mean, I have to fly tomorrow but..."

Becky interjected, "I'd like to see you again Sam."

Sam grinned stupidly. "Ok. That will happen then."

As one of those barely noticed kisses began, a young girl in the shadows
wept silent hot tears and promised herself that Sam's flight tomorrow would
be his last...

ooc: Randi? Care to try and kill me? Or perhaps there are still stories of
daring do and flight from the law to be told...
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