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_____Dr. Jaav E'ThexxStarfleet ObserverAfter: Call me Ishmael  Jaav stepped 
past the two security doors as the outer blast door drew to a close.  Every 
effort had been made to ensure that Nick had no idea he was being held in a 
maximum security cell.  Jaav had insisted that the truth be kept hidden in 
order to ensure the Commodore's recovery was as swift as possible, 
begrudgingly.  As long as the imposter remained unlocated  Starfleet insisted 
that they knew exactly where the real Santos was, and that only they had access 
to him at all times.  **How could this happen?** Jaav thought to himself, **to 
lose a whole person and not notice**.  It reaffirmed the very reason Jaav had 
left Starfleet in the first place, he'd become jaded, maybe even bitter 
although very reluctant to admit it; as long as you jumped through all the 
right hoops no-one paid any real attention a thing you were doing.Jaav stared 
down at his sleeves, it was peculiar that such drab fabric could evoke such an 
emotional response, even with its teal banding he was no happy to wear it.  It 
felt uncomfortable, every movement irritated him, and although he knew it was 
completely psychosomatic he was convinced it was making him itch, but the only 
way to be allowed near Santos was to get back in the uniform.  He'd resisted 
the commission at least he was now devoid of rank and obligation he was an 
"observer" and that was the way Jaav wanted it, as soon as this was all over he 
could leave. For the moment it was Captain Zena Quetan he'd observed, she sat 
at a small plain table compulsively stirring a teaspoon in some cup of hot 
liquid whilst she gazed out into space.  Slowly she drew her eyes away from the 
starscape and towards Jaav, she would have heard him exit the cell-room several 
moments ago, the blast door was hardly quiet, but the noise had been on the 
periphery of her senses, it wasn't until now that she noticed that Jaav now 
stood in the same room as her,alone aside from the security guards, and for the 
first time in a long while they were obliged to talk.   "How is he?"  Zena 
asked, it was best that they avoid anything too complicated to begin with.  It 
was an irony that discussing the mental state of an abducted starfleet officer 
had become one of the few things they felt comfortable talking about.  Jaav 
hadn't spoken to Zena in over a year, they'd become estranged in every sense of 
the word, their lives had taken them in completely different directions, but 
now here they were.   "He's still coming to terms with it all, there's a lot 
he'll have to work through.  I persuaded him to take a sedative to help him get 
some sleep," "Do you think he's going to be okay?"  Zena was looking back out 
at the stars again, almost as though if she gazed for long enough she'd be out 
there and not in the room, not doing this.   "I'm not sure Zena, I really don't 
know. I don't even think the reality of it all has set in for him yet.  
Obviously he's shocked, confused.  He may never really be able to tell entirely 
what was real from what wasn't." There was a pause, already it seemed as though 
the two of them had run out of things to say.  It was awkward but Jaav found 
something and said it,  "I'd like you to persuade Admiral Roth to assign 
another specialist, the trauma he's been through goes beyond what I'm qualified 
to deal with.  We're yet to determine the extent of the neurological damage 
he's been subjected to, let alone the obvious psychological implications," "You 
know what he'll say Jaav," "No I don't," "For now you'll have to handle this, 
we'll have to handle this.  Access to him is to be strictly limited, I have no 
doubt you'll be able to manage," Jaav amused himself with a thought, he'd 
intended to keep it to himself but he'd let out a smirk, one that Zena had 
noticed.  "You find something funny about this situation?" She asked, frowning, 
her tone scornful.   "I make a capable counsellor and medic, even if I did make 
a poor husband,"  The words left his mouth and instantly Jaav regretted them.  
He'd hurt Zena, and for all his insight into the minds of others he had very 
little understanding of his own.  Was it her he hadn't wanted?  Once he had, 
but Zena became the central element in a life that Jaav had no wish to live.  
She'd become the very definition of Starfleet; a Starfleet captain.  He didn't 
want that, so it followed he didn't want her and he left.   The atmosphere in 
the room changed which was an unfortunate relief.  In a second Zena and Jaav 
had made a silent but mutual agreement to keep this simply business, for now 
that was the way it had to be.   "Will he be ready?"  She asked, for the first 
time taking her eyes away from the starscape and fixing them definitely and 
deliberately so that they met Jaav's.   "I hope for the sake of Craig and the 
others that he is," ...     

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