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Santos followed Nostrova up two decks and down a long corridor. At the end
of it, the doors parted to what was obviously the conference room.


And, there, Santos saw the officers and crew members of the Vanguard.




Shar smiled as his old captain walked through the doors of the conference
room. For the past year since the Vanguard had been mothballed he'd been
reassigned to several other ships, but partially due to his Romulan heritage
and partially due to his feels of regret over the Vanguard and her lost
captain, he hadn't fit in very well. In the end, when he'd heard of Santos
return, he'd taken a leave of absence to be available. At least, that was
what the cover story was. In actual fact, he'd been approached by Starfleet
intelligence and 'recruited' as an operative simply to keep an eye on Santos
and ensure that A) He was not indeed a changeling or a potential threat to
Federation security, and B) To ensure his continued safety however
necessary. While he hadn't always liked working for Starfleet Intelligence,
in this case their goals and his own matched closely enough that he didn't
see a problem. 



Santos slumped against the wall and covered his face with his hand. He wept
in front of this crew-his friends, his family-and he no longer cared who saw
him weep.



Shar looked at the Captain, crying, and at his old crewmates likewise crying
and smiled a small smile to himself. He finally felt home again.



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