[USS Vanguard] Retreat

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Lt. Zena Quetan
Event Horizon

Zena wiped the cake from her eyes just in time to see what looked like 
spaghetti hurtling towards her, she side stepped to the right and watch the 
spaghetti hit the back of the new JAG Officers head who was sat at the bar, 
causing her to drop her glass.

Zena grabbed a handful of mash potato and made a dash for Soman to thank him 
for the cake, which she had to admit tasted rather good but that wasn't the 
point! She had him in range, extending her arm she released the potato at the 
last second, it flew straight into the back of his head with a thud, before he 
had the chance to retaliate she managed to tuck herself behind Santos who was 
at that moment hit with pineapple by Qbed. She peered over his shoulder and 
grinned at Qbed.

Feeling a hand tugging on her arm she turned to see Jaav grinning with a hand 
behind his back, she raised her eyebrow at him, he pulled his hand round to 
reveal a large portion of cherry pie, Zena's eyes widened "You wouldn't dare!" 
She exclaimed

Jaav squashed the pie onto the back of Zena's neck, the juice trickled down her 
back she screwed her face up and shrugged her shoulders up "eeeew!" 

She dipped her hand in the dish of BBQ sauce next to her and ran her fingers 
down Jaav's face leaving a war paint effect on him.
Zena laughed and winked at him "Well I don't know about you but I'm gonna get 
out of here before I get roped into helping clean this mess up!"  Giving Jaav 
one last peck on the cheek for the day she made her way through the crowd of 
people and flying food hoping that no one would notice her leaving for one last 

She managed to get to the door unscathed, it swished closed behind her, she 
began to shake the food off herself heading back towards her quarters...

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