[USS Vanguard] Rescue Qbed

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  • Date: Sat, 08 Dec 2001 12:38:24 -0500

From Christopher Jackson

Lt. Soman Drath
Shuttlecraft Avalanche
following Highwaij's post.

Soman sat at his station, immediately behind McCaw.  He'd kept his eye on the 
him since before their departure from Vanguard.  It was no secret about the 
relationship between Sam and Qbed.  Soman was concerned that the young 
officer's emotional state might affect him in a crisis.  Sam worked at his 
station, trying to find a way to close the distance between them and Qbed.

Sam: I can feel you staring, sir.

Soman: I didn't know you were telepathic.

Sam: I'm not.  I also not a fool Commander.  You're wondering if I'm going to 
loose my cool because it's Qbed involved.

Soman: Well, should I be concerned?  

Sam turned to face Soman, determined look on his face.

Sam: Well sir, with all due respect, I wouldn't be here if I couldn't handle 
it.  If it were anyone else, I wouldn't have any less concern or focus for my 

Soman: But, the fact that it is Qbed involved doesn't change things any?

Sam: Yes, it does.  It increases my focus, sir.  I'll do what needs to be done.

Soman: Good, I knew there was a reason the Captain pulled you for this.

Mandrake: What's our plan?

Soman: I'll welcome any ideas.

Mandrake: Well, if they were capable of kidnaping a Q, then they must have some 
serious resources.

Soman moved to Mandrake's side.

Soman: That's not a course to Angel One.  Where are you taking us?

Mandrake re-examined his navigational settings.  A puzzled look crossed his 

Mandrake: Alright, I don't understand this.  When I entered the coordinates, 
Angel One was. . .

Sam: It's Qbed.  She somehow implanted her whereabouts in our heads when she. . 

Soman: Well, trusting that Mr McCaw is correct about this, what do we do when 
we get there.

Sam: Sir, I think we're there.  

Both Mandrake and Soman turned a surprised stare at McCaw.

Soman: What do you mean?

Sam: A ship just appeared on the outer edge of our scanning zone.  It doesn't 
seem to have noticed us yet.  It's readings match the ship that attacked 
Vanguard over Hearth II.

Soman: Can you scan for life forms?

Sam: Negative. We're still too far away.

Mandrake: Should I close?

Soman: Not yet. Can you get a reading on where they've come from.

Mandrake takes couple of seconds to pull up the sensor readings and smiles.

Mandrake: Confirmed.  Their warp trail is faint but it does go all the way back 
to Angel One.

Soman: How is a ship in two places at once?

Sam: Sir! I'm picking up elevated neutrino readings immediately ahead of the 

Mandrake: Artificial wormhole?

Soman: Move us in quick, Cynan.  Sam, standby on weapons.  I don't want this 
fish getting away.

McCaw/Mandrake: Yes sir!


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