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Lt. Zena Quetan
After all recent posts
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Zena sat on the rickety wooden board walk, she leant backwards with her arms 
supporting her, her beige trousers rolled up to her knee's she dangled her legs 
over the edge, her brown markings on the outside of each leg disappeared where 
the water line began, her feet glided gently to and fro in the cool flowing 

The secluded spot was very peaceful, the sound of the trickling water running 
down stream and birds chirping filled the air.

Tree's and shrubbery surrounded the banks of the stream, she looked up to the 
sky, not a cloud in sight just a vibrant blue.

She closed her eyes and cleared her head. She'd been a little distant with 
everyone as soon as her shift had finished she disappeared off on her own. They 
were now on the way to the nearest Starbase with the Tomonaga in tow. 

The mission had been more than a little stressful, first being attacked outside 
Engineering, then collapsing on the Bridge "They don't tell you this when you 
sign up!" she thought light heartedly

An image of a body began walking towards her, the board walk creeked at their 
movement, the sun behind them shone blocking out the detail of the figure, but 
the body structure she knew well... It was Jaav.

As he got closer, he blocked out the sun from her view and the details of his 
face appeared, he came to a stop.

"You're a hard lady to track down..." he said with a smile 

"You mean hard as in tapping your COMM and asking the computer?" she asked with 
a grin

Jaav gave a surprised expression "Now where would the fun it that be..." He 
paused "Ok so I did that after trying your Quarters and Office" 

"Sorry for the intrusion, I was a little worried about you and the program 
wasn't set to private..." he sat down next to her

"No need, I'm fine" she leant over to her side and nudged him

"Well if you ever want to talk about it, private or professionally, you know 
I'm here for you" he said

Zena lifted her feet out of the water and stood "I know, Thank you, I don't 
know what I'd do without you"

She squeezed his shoulder gently and walked past him "Well I think I'm going to 
try get some sleep...but how about we meet up later?....we can talk then?"

"I'd like that" Jaav replied

Zena smiled "ok well see you later" 

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