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Shar looked on as Brigadoon Station grew larger and closer on the
viewscreen; the Vanguard drifting smoothly into the docking bay it had been

?Thrusters to one quarter,? Mandrake called from his station, ?Aannd? we?re
home,? he said, as the thick ?Thud? of ODN couplings for power and life
support was heard through the ship.


?Switch us over to stationkeeping settings, everyone,? Zena ordered. Shar
glanced down at his console, frowning slightly, as he quickly gave control
of the Vanguards tactical systems to Brigadoon?s tactical systems. Other
personnel were doing the same. Shar always felt strange right after docking
like this, as he was used to them controlling their separate systems and the
crew being in overall control of the ship. It felt strange to see so many of
the control panels dark and felt stranger to know that the stations computer
now controlled everything they had for so long.


?Everything alright? You seem a little out of sorts??  Craig asked as Shar
took the opportunity to stretch.


?Hm? Oh, just fine Chief. Thanks. I just take a few minutes to get used to
the station running the ship instead of us while we?re docked,? Shar
explained. The two carried on a short discussion as they made their way to
the airlock. As they stepped out onto the station, Shar nodded to Craig. 


?So chief, it?s going to be at least an hour or so before the stations crews
are scheduled to start on our phaser refit, how about we go get a drink, and
I?ll give you a hand with the refit once it gets underway?? Shar asked,
hoping for both a drink, some company, and in a small part to try and keep
Craig from throwing himself too much into his work.


Lieutenant J.G. Shar

Chief Security/Tactical Officer

U.S.S. Vanguard


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