[USS Vanguard] RPG:The Falcon flew over the coockoo's nest

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After: Mo' Officers, Mo' Trouble 
Jazz was stunned. She got up from where she was kneeling with Quetan's head in 
her lap by placing the science officer down to lay on the ground gently. They 
had helped them and this was the thanks they got. 
Jazz: You ungrateful sons of... 
Vogel: (cutting Jazz off) Jazz no. 
Jazz: What do you want me to say? 
Vulcan: Nothing would be appropriate under the circumstances. 
Jazz: Yeah well think again. There is only one way to shut me up. 
Bolian: We would be happy to ablige. 
Terran: No kidding. 
Vulcan: That's enough. 
Jazz shook her head and moved forward and immediately she was backhanded across 
the face by the terran. She fell back and was caught by someone. The blow was 
stinging and she was even angrier. 
Soman: Look, all this violence is not going to get us anywhere. 
Jazz:(rubbing her face) I tend to disagree commander. 
Vulcan: That is highly Il...
Jazz: you say illogical one more time and I swear...
Terran: You are in no position to threaten anyone.
Bolian: Humans they never learn
Terran: Hey! I resent that
Bolian: Sorry.
Jazz shakes her head. This bickering back and forth is getting them no where 
Amores: The captian and Quetan are lying there and could die if we don't get 
them back to the vanguard. We have to try everything. To save his life and the 
life of  Quetan. 
Jazz growled. And lunged again at the Terran but Vogel grabbed her arm and 
pulled her back.
Vogel:(Whispers) easy Falcon.
Jazz shot him a blank look. She then looked over at the others. This was bad, 
Very very bad, she thought warily
Lt. JG Jazz Falcon

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