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 Title: Anger Flux 
By: Jazz "Rixx" Falcon
[Before Mirror mirror on the wall]
"What's Bragatoplyn?" Highwaij asked.  "Bragatoplyn," Jazz started, "Is the 
result of trying to find a cure for the Macad virus. There was a break out of 
the Macad virus on Cardassia three years ago and under wraps, starfleet was 
trying to develop a cure for the virus to help the Cardassians. Something went 
wrong and now we have Bragatoplyn, Deadly to humans, twice as deadly to 
Betazoids." Jazz turned to Aliyah, "did I get that right?" she asked Aliyah. 
Aliyah nodded with an impressed smile, "Perfect," she answered Jazz, "you were 
[after: mirror mirror on the wall]
Jazz started to get angry now, "You mean to tell me," she started, "That we 
came over here, got attacked by some...Thing! On the bringk of peing poisoned 
to death, hillucinating and all of that to find out we're not where we're 
supposed to have been?" 
 Denville nodded to her with a twinkle in his eye, "Exactly," he told her 

Jazz shook her head, "No no," she said looking around, "Then that would mean 
that this was a waist of time. but still we have to get rid of this 
bragatoplyn, there is no saying who might get in contact with it after we 
leave. " 

The captain watched her as she spoke, "Even though this is an alternate 
reality, I'm sure there are people here and others can get pulled here just as 
we were and they may not be as prepared as we were."

Lt. jg Jazz "Rixx" Falcon


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