[USS Vanguard] Re: RPG: We need a place to hide

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  • Date: Wed, 23 Jul 2003 22:09:16 +0200

> > Lt. Highwaij
> > Conscript  Hatch
> > During / After "Brought to a Boil

As Jazz and Highwaij where in the hatch, they could hear someone moving
around outside it, possible more people
Luck was with them and they whearn't discovered
"Let's see if we can get out" Highwaij said

A few minuts later they where standing in the corridor again
"Sorry about that"Highwaij said excusing himself

Jazz had her tricoder in her hand
"" Temperatur is still rising, no one close to us" she said

"We need a plce where we can hide, and if nessesary take controll of the
ship" Jazz told Highwaij

"Agreed I hope the Vanguard, will find us asap, at the same time we might
try to find out what happened,
most of the computers are offline, like the internal security system. We
need a plce with a computer and where they won't look for us any idears ? "
Highwaij said having no idear what is going on outside. Whille sweat was
falling down fro mhim, since it was still getting hotter.

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