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Hi Everyone, 

It's good to be back and posting again! 

Jonathon/Jaav E'thexx 


Dr. John Vincent Ecks  continuously clicked the end of his ball-point pen as
he stared blankly at the patient case notes in front of him.  His fourteen
hour shift should have ended quite some time ago and his mind was already
entirely elsewhere, but staff shortages demanded that his body remained
solidly where it was at least for the next few hours at the Vanguard
Psychiatric Facility.  

?It?s a good thing you?re still here JV,? said one the senior nurses as she
stepped into the staff room and made her way towards the refrigerator,
removing an apple and the remnants of what would have been a very large
chocolate cake.  ?One of the patients has had a serious relapse? the nurse
took a seat on the coach opposite John and picked up the remote for the
television, flicking randomly up and down through the channels and paying
attention to none of them.  John threw his pen and the patient notes down on
the table in front of him and rubbed the stubble on his face.  

?Which patient is it Carol?  And more importantly can't it wait until the
morning?  I was rather hoping tonight would be quiet and I could hide in
hereand get a little sleep.? 

Carol stopped fiddling with the remote, the television stopped on what
appeared to be a home shopping channel, promoting some gadget for cleaning
curtains that the salesman insisted a family couldn?t possibly survive
without, despite the fact most people easily could and did live without it. 

?Patient Santos,? Nurse Carol began ?He?s babbling on about his space world
again, he?s quite creative you know, it?s a shame he?s not more coherent,
someone could probably make a good book out of the world inside his head.?
She demolished the last piece of her chocolate cake throwing her plastic
forkand the untouched apple into the waste bin and turned back to the
television, engrossed within seconds.  

Reluctantly John pushed himself up from the sofa, picked up his lab coat and
headed for the door.  He stopped off briefly at the reception area, picking
up the patient notes for Dominic Santos from the nurses station and forced a
half hearted smile at the night guard who stood by the door before making
hisway down the corridor.  John felt himself transfixed by the flickering
flourescant tube halfway down the corridor, the world seemed to feel
different when you were tired, almost as if you were wrapped up in cotton
wool and floating through your life on autopilot as though you were an
observer rather than a participant.  Flicking to the last few entries in the
notes it was clear that Mr. Santos? position had indeed taken a turn for the
worse.  Nurse Carol had jotted down a few of the patients mumblings; talk of
space ships, star  fleets and federations.  All of it was familiar, Santos
had even incorporated many of the institutes staff into his delusions which
made it even more difficult to draw him out of fantasy and into the real
world.  He?d made some real improvements, until now. 

John nodded at one of the orderlies at the closer end of the corridor, he
hadhis feet up on the desk and was flicking through some tasteless magazine,
he tossed it onto the desk and sighed as a stood up, reaching in his pocket
for the door keys and unlocking the door to patient Santos? room.  

?This one?s something else,? the orderly said as he promptly returned to his
desk and his magazine.  

In the room Dominic Santos stared out at the barred window he was trapped
behind, he turned to towards John as he closed the door behind him.  

?Jaav??  Santos said hoarsely. 

?No Dominic, we?ve been through this, I?m Dr. John Vincent Ecks, I?m one of
the psychiatrists caring for you here at the institute.? 

?How did I get here??  Santos said dismissing the doctor?s statement. 

?Your family brought you to us and we admitted you almost five years ago
Dominic, when your condition first began to deteriorate.??Impossible, My
nameis Dominic Cesar Santos. I hold the rank of commodore in Starfleet.
Myserial number is SP-1021-339. I am a citizen of the United Federation of 


?..and you demand to speak with a Federation representative, yes I know,
we?ve been here before, many times.  Listen to me Dominic, you?re not a
commodore, there is no Starfleet and there is no Federation.  You were a
highschool teacher, you have a wife called Sarah and two children, they were
supposed to be visiting you this weekend, you were getting better.? 

Santos stood to his feet quickly. 

?Impossible, this is a deception,? Santos was shouting by this point.  The
orderly was stood outside the door, John gestured him away with his hand. 
Inall the time Santos had been at the institute he had been upset, even
angry, but strangely never violent, not towards him anyway.  

?This is where you start thinking maybe it could be a Romulan plot to
extractstrategic information, or perhaps you?ve been caught in some sort of
temporal anomaly, or your starship?s malfunctioned and transported you here.
?  John seated himself at the on the chair just inside the door way trying
toencourage Santos to follow suit and sit back down on his bed.  Forgetting
where he was John tried to pull the seat forward,  not remembering that it
would be firmly bolted to the floor, as it was.   ?But then I guess you?re
thinking that?s what I would say if it was a Romulan plot aren?t you? 
You?vebeen with us for some time Dominic, and we?re all familiar with your
delusions, but in order for us to help you, you have to at least accept that
I could be telling you the truth.? 

Santos slumped onto the bed, sat down and stared at the floor.  This had
happened before too, thought John.  Sometimes he could get through to
Santos,make him realise that the world in his head, as exciting and
marvellous as it was when compared to his life as a teacher with a wife and
two children, was just an attractive fantasy.  Maybe John could reach him? 

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