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[Santos was headed to Stellar Cartography in my last post. The first
part of this post takes place after my last. The second part of this
post takes place after Mel's most recent post. Still with me? :-) -

Capt. Dominic Santos
USS Vanguard (Currently under quarantine)

"Computer, locate Maria-Jana Valentine."

"Maria-Jana Valentine is in Stellar Cartography."

Santos walked through the doors to Stellar Cartography and looked at

Although the sound of the doors announced Santos's presence to
Valentine, Valentine didn't take her eyes off the Stellar Cartography

The extremely large, magnificent visual display occupied every
available surface (save the floor).

On the display was the star system occupied by Kronos.

"M.J.," Santos said quietly, so as not to startle her.

Valentine turned around, looked at Santos and turned back to the

"Captain," she said. "I was just about to call it a night."

"Morning," Santos corrected her.

"Whatever," Valentine said.

Santos looked at the spot on the display that held Valentine's
attention. The image rotated away from Kronos, rushed past three
planets, through a cosmic dust storm, along the periphery of a star,
and settled near two planets--a small red planet mostly obscured by
blue atmosphere and a gray planetoid twice the size of its red
neighbor, but devoid of atmosphere.

"I recognize Tensor Arachne and Pegosan Core. What are you looking

Valentine shook her head. "Just something that caught my attention

As she focused on the gray planetoid, the Klingon starchart program
detected her interest since she lingered for more than ten seconds.
Data in Klingon began scrolling in the lower right-hand quadrant of the

"What is it?" Santos asked.

"I don't know," Valentine said. "I can't read Ancient Klingon, and the
computer doesn't automatically translate it. This data stream was
created before the Treaty of Khitomer."

"Maybe Kieran Darkwater can help. His expertise in ancient culture is
second-to-none. He is possibly the Federation's foremost expert on

"I know," Valentine said. "And I would if I could, but he's planetside
and stranded there as long as the quarantine is in place."

"Did he send a message?"

Valentine continued to study the display. "It was brief and not at all
like him, but yes, he sent a general message to all senior staff to
check-in and let us know his location."

"I haven't looked at my messages lately," Santos said.

"He's somewhere in Egypt, in case you're wondering."

Valentine got up and cracked her back.

"It's all starting to look the same to me. I'm going to bed." Valentine
made a move to toggle off the computer, but Santos put his hand out.
Valentine looked at him.

"Leave it on," Santos said. "I'll turn it off."

Valentine nodded. "Good night, Captain," she said. Valentine and turned
toward the doors.

"Exit," she said. The doors appeared in a black expanse of space.

"Good night," Santos said, staring at Tensor Arachne.

"So how's your father, Nick?" Zena Quetan asked Dominic Santos. Zena
sat on the barstool, her legs crossed, both hands around her drink. She
looked at Santos with bright, attentive eyes.

(I can see why Jaav likes her so much, Nick Santos thought.)

"He's fine," Santos said. "Thanks for asking."

Des Barrett-Brown stood behind the bar with a glass in one hand. At
Santos's response, she cocked her eyebrows and looked at him. She
placed the glass down on the bar top, and--although she was wearing a
V-neck top--leaned over the bar with her arms crossed over her belly.
Santos, who had visited his share of bars from the Delta Quadrant and
back, noticed that this was something all tavern hostesses across the
galaxy seemed to do. He smiled foolishly.

"Did I say or do something funny?" Des asked Santos archly.

Santos stammered, "No...it's just..."

Quetan caught Des's eye. The Chief Science Officer tugged at her tunic
and glanced back at Des. Des looked down at herself, shrugged and went
right on leaning against the bar.

"So when did you get the happy news?" Des asked Santos.

"Earlier this evening. Petra left a message. My father's going to be
fine, and Petra's with him now. In fact, my mother's with both of

Des's expression was hard to read. It seemed to indicate happy
disbelief. "One big, happy Santos family reunion, I gather?"

Quetan laughed softly, and took a small sip of her drink.

"So why didn't you join them, Nick?" Quetan asked.

"Well, first of all, there's the small matter of the ship-wide
quarantine..." Quetan rolled her eyes--for herself and for Nick's
comeback. "...Secondly, I think they should have some time together.

"My sister's the youngest, and my parents' separation affected her the
hardest. I think they should start healing together."

Des nodded and said, "That's honestly very...touchy-feeling of you,

The three of them laughed.

At that moment, the overhead comm rang out.

=/\= "Captain Santos, will you join us in Engineering, please." It was
Jaav E'thexx.

=/\= "On my way."

Santos and Quetan looked at one another.

They got up to leave, and Des lifted a glass to them. "Fine, sure,
leave me all alone. Talking to myself. I'll be here..."

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