[USS Vanguard] RPG: There's a first time for everything!

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  • Date: Tue, 08 Apr 2003 13:01:38 -0500

Aliyah was just sitting at the bar when something hit her square in the back of 
the head. Her glass slipped from her hand to the ground and crashed into a 
million pieces. she turned around to see food whipping by her. Something else 
came her way and she caught it and threw it back. She had never been in a food 
fight before. She saw the captain being hit with something and she grinned. He 
was happy. She was really starting to think of what she had gotten into. She 
got off her stool and walked over to a table all the time dodging something. 
She picked up what looked like it used to be cake and hurled it at the bartend 
who was hit on the stomach. Aliyah grinned, "Nice aim," someone said from 
behind her. "Thank you," she responded.

Aliyah continue throwing until she was covered with food. She looked down at 
her dress and moaned. It was covered with food of every colour you could think 
of.  She was still looking at the mess when something hit her, "Ouch!" she 
groaned and turned around only to have something else connect with her face. 
She walked to the door and ran out. The door closed but not before something 
else hit her.

She stood there and stared at her dress. She loved that dress! She headed to 
her quarters and changed. After she then headed to her office. She was glad 
that she didnt have to clean up all that mess.

She sat down in front of her LCARS and her brother soon appeared with a huge 
smile on his face. "Hey little sister!" he greeted, "You have somthing right 
here" he told her touching his nose. Aliyah wiped at her nose, "Oh men!" she 
groaned. Chad laughed, "What was it?" he asked.
"cake," she told him simply. His left eyebrow went up, "What?" Aliyah shook her 
head, "long story,"

They talked for a  little while longer before she blew him a kiss and his face 
was replaced by a comm badge. She turned into  her chair and sat staring out at 
the stars whizzing by. 

Ensign Aliyah-Amores Lopez-Fitzgerald
Judge Advocate General Officer (JAG)
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