[USS Vanguard] RPG: The Hard Way

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ALPHA (Security): Santos, D'Angelo, Vogel, Droin
BRAVO (Engineering) Soman, Mandrake, Chase, E'thexx, Qbed
CHARLIE (Discovery) Quetan, Lopez-Fitzgerald, Highwaij, Falcon,

Capt. Dominic Santos
USS Vanguard/USS Tomonaga
After Eric's Post

"Ready?" asked Captain Dominic Santos. All three scatter teams were
gathered in the transporter room.

"Ready to go, Captain," replied Executive Officer Soman Drath.

"Good," Santos said. "Bravo Team, lead the way."

There were some chuckles at this.

Santos watched as Soman Drath, Cynan Mandrake, Roch Chase, Jaav E'thexx
and Qbed ascended the platform.

The captain looked at them.

"Good luck. Remember, we'll meet on their bridge first before
dispersing to our respective areas. Yeoman Challis, energize."

Challis nodded at Dominic Santos and played with the controls on her

She watched as the quintet shimmered, then disappeared.

Suddenly, an alarm rang out on her board.

The Bravo Team seemed to rematerialize on the transporter platform,
shimmered, then were gone again.

Santos was next to Challis instantly.

"What's happened?" he calmly asked.

"Sir, I don't...I...didn't...we're losing their patterns in the buffer!
It's like...!"

Santos frantically studied his board.

"Boost power to the confinement beam and shunt power from the secondary
systems to the backup power supplies. Hurry!"

Challis took two steps back, eyes wide, horrified at the fact she was
losing her friends--and most importantly, her mentor, Soman
Drath--right before her eyes.

"Challis? Challis! Did you hear me?" Santos barked.


Yeoman Challis came out of her daze.

She looked up to see the Vanguard's senior officers and the Bravo Team
watching her with some puzzlement from the transporter pad.

"Yeoman? You can energize the transporter whenever you're ready,"
Santos said with a smile.

"Aye," Challis said, forgetting whatever it was she had been
daydreaming about. "Energizing, sir."

They watched as Bravo Team disappeared.

Charlie Team ascended the platform next.

Finally, Alpha Team disappeared, only to reappear on the Tomonaga

Santos was momentarily disoriented as he went from the well-lit
transporter room to a completely dark environment. It took him a moment
to realize he was on the Tomonaga's bridge, and all lights appeared to
be non-functional. He picked out the torches from the hazard suits.

"Computer," he ordered. The Tomonaga's computer did not reply.

"Computer, override primary command dataloop. Recognize: Santos,
Dominic, authorization five-seven-xray-zulu."

No answer.

He looked around at the others.

"Life support?"

A hazard suit with Zena Quetan's face stared down at a tricorder then
back at the captain.

"No, sir," she replied.

He sighed.

"All right, teams, it looks like we do this the hard way. Bravo, get
down to Engineering and re-establish computer access controls. Charlie,
start reconstructing the events on the Tomonaga. Alpha, you're with me.

"Let's go."

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