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[Formerly, from Peter-Jan "Highwaij"]
this was seriously, The Captain had just arrived on the bridge,
Highwaij looked at the storm, and didn't like it now an energy
discharge was heading for them. Highwaij grapped his chair and hold on
"Everyone grap something to hold on" he yelled over the bridge

[New, from Andy "Santos"]

Capt. Dominic Santos was aware of Highwaij warning everyone on the
bridge to brace themselves. So much like Highwaij, he had time to
think, considerate of everyone else's safety before his own.

A moment later, the neutrino wave struck.

They were struck head-on, and if it hadn't been for Sam McCaw's quick
thinking - shunting all shields to forward - the damage would have been

Cynan Mandrake somehow managed to keep the timeship righted, although
it was a struggle for both the helmsman and the ship's inertial
As it was, the damage was tremendous. At least two stations on the
bridge - Stellar Cartography and Engineering - were inoperative, their
consoles flashing data on and off, like winking eyes. Smoke poured from
the direction of the Captain's Ready Room, and from inside, Santos
could hear Prism the macaw squawking nervously. But the animal would
have to wait.

Santos picked himself up, not realizing he had even fallen over. He
first noticed Mandrake, slumped over his console. He ran up to the
pilot and checked for a pulse.

Mandrake groaned. "Oh, what hit me? That's it--no more Romulan ale
before bedtime."

Santos grinned.

"All right, lieutenant, get to sickbay."

Mandrake left without another word.

"All stations, report," Soman Drath said, none too steady on his feet.

The data started to arrive.

Hull breach on decks 7 and 8, but they were already contained. A total
of 32 wounded, 13 seriously. Dr. Droin had already scrambled triage
units to the most affected, and had Khan working with those who
stumbled into sickbay.

"Captain, McCaw here."

"Go ahead."

"We have an unusual energy reading on the quantum singularity in
Engineering Room." [Reminder: Like a Romulan Warbird, the Vanguard does
not use a standard Federation warp core, but rather a "quantum
singularity" - a contained mini-blackhole - as a power source.]

"Ex-Oh," Santos addressed Soman. "Will you see how you can help Sam?
And take Vogel with you."

"Aye," Soman said. He tapped his comm badge. "Mister Vogel, meet me in

Connor Vogel acknowledged.

Santos walked up next to Zena Quetan, who was absent-mindedly brushing
her hair out of her face so that she could see her console.

"What can you tell me about the neutrino storm?"

"It's preliminary, but I think it might have been artificial."

"Artificial?! You mean..."

At that moment, the red alert klaxon rang out.

"What now!" Santos exclaimed.

"Sir!" McCaw was on the main viewer. "We have an overload on the
quantum singularity! Thirty seconds to detonation!"

"Where's the Commander?"

"He seemed to pass out the moment he walked through Engineering! Connor
and I are both here, and we're unaffected!"

"Can you eject it?"

"No, controls are fused!"

"Hot shutdown?" Quetan said.

McCaw shook his head.

"Computer," Santos said. "Beam out any personnel in Engineering. Seal
off Engineering with a level four forcefield."

The Engineering crew reappeared in Shuttle Bay One.

Later, Droin examined Soman.

"I don't know what to tell you, Nick," Droin said. "His mental activity
indicates he should be fully cognizant, but he's not."

"REM sleep?"

"If it is, it's not like any REM sleep I've ever seen...anywhere."

"Could this have to do with the quantum singularity and the...you know,
Borg components in his body?"

Droin shook her head. "Your guess is as good as anyone's. I have one
last thing I can try..." Droin prepared a hypo- and injected it into
Soman's carotid artery.

Soman Drath stirred and groaned. The lights seemed so...bright. Too

He opened his eyes and tried to sit up.

"Welcome home, Rip van Winkle," came a voice. Soman looked over to see
a figure in a white smock.

"Xristha...? How long was I out?"

"'Xristha'? I don't know a 'Xristha,' but you've already forgotten the
care you get from your brilliant physician friend, Dr. Sherman?"

"Dr. 'Sherman'!" Soman exclaimed, sitting up. "Where the hell am I?"

"You're at the end of the universe, my friend." Soman watched as a man
in an ill-fitting doctor's smock and an unkempt beard circled the
sickbay. He smiled. "Federation Outpost 'Touchstone'."

Soman looked at the sickbay. It was not radically different than what
he was used to, but it was slightly more advanced. Information scrolled
on nearby displays at an alarming rate, as if the doctor were
collecting data. Soman looked at the nearest display, the display that
was dedicated to the station's location and universal time. Soman lost
his breath.

The display showed a stardate about 15 standard years since the
neutrino storm on the Vanguard.

OoC: I thought I would help take us into the "Tell us about your
character fifteen years from now" portion of the mission. After this, I
won't hijack Soman's character anymore! He's yours again, Chris! I'm
looking forward to seeing what everyone comes up with.

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