[USS Vanguard] RPG: The Appliance of Science

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  • Date: Mon, 17 Jan 2005 17:01:28 +0000 (GMT)

The impact of the mines scattered the sample containers from beneath Kieran?s 
optometer, bringing another grimace to his face. It was bad enough he?d had to 
move up a floor and sit in on the science department whilst Zena was on the 
bridge, but the close conditions were exacerbated by the turbulence.


?What is that?? A rather nervous astrometrics ensign muttered to the Vulcan 
woman next to him, his face pale. She looked at him with a stare that might 
have passed for a shrug had he know Vulcans at all.


?If we need to know, I am sure we will be informed, Ensign.? She offered, after 
a moment, pointing once more to the electron microscopy he was supposed to be 
involved with. Forgoing rearranging the sample containers again, Kieran instead 
slipped into the chair behind Zena?s desk and called up the file on the Ensign, 
immediately seeing the Counsellor?s warning flag at the top of the record: 


Imagine how it must be for him? he thought to himself, feeling more than a 
little cramped himself.


?Ensign Simmons, whatever?s doing this is external, we?ll no doubt be asked for 
a sensor run soon. Head into Stellar Cartography and standby to assist when the 
call comes.? 


?Aye sir.? The reply was a little stiff, but it was prompt and correct, which 
earned him a little more respect from Kieran. The condition report and event 
summary was coming through now, and he knew it wouldn?t be long until the 
senior staff were called to the bridge.


?Lieutenant T?Vol, take over please. I?ll be on the bridge.?

?Aye, Sir.? The Vulcan woman intoned without taking her glance from the screen, 
and Kieran took the rocky turbolift ride to the forward.


Relieving the Lieutenant at science he quickly reconfigured the screen to his 
own pre-set preferences and scanned the report so far, keeping a vague ear on 
the conversation on the bridge as Jaav appeared from the nether regions of the 


"Are there any life-signs aboard?" Jaav asked, his curiosity personal rather 
than professional.

"We detect no life-signs, although there's no way to be completely sure the 
readings are accurate, the sensor palletes are still charged

with a little residual EM radiation from when we exited the conduit."


Kieran?s reply was brisk, concise and accurate, but far from helpful, and he 
spent the next few minutes fiddling and adjusting until he managed to gain a 
little more information.


"Captain"Highwaij spoke up, "Permission to try to activate the Ghormley's 
computer from over here, but I need the security code, from the Ghormley so I 
can copy it to our databanks, perhaps even us it's own sensors to see what's 
inside, if their not broken down, or destroyed."


?I don?t think that?s likely to succeed.? Kieran offered, resolving his scans a 
little further as he spoke. ?Best estimate shows power being routed only to an 
external emergency beacon ? likely the signal we received ? and the 
life-support mechanisms in main engineering and medical on decks 9 through 11. 
No evidence of computer function, communications or significant internal power 

Recommend you take a portable generator over, too, Commander.? He offered the 
last to Zena, the unspoken request obvious in his eyes as he stared up the main 
screen, briefly, at one of his specialitites: an OoPArt? Out of Place Artifact. 
It didn?t belong here, it didn?t belong now, and that was the appeal.

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