[USS Vanguard] RPG: Stuck in the middle with you...

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  • Date: Wed, 22 Sep 2004 21:48:05 +0100 (BST)

[Between 'The Oddities of a New World' (Mark) and 'O Discordia' (Andy)]


[snip]"And what was so important about the Temple?" MJ asked him[/snip]


?Me, I suppose.? Kieran began, with a slightly apologetic shrug. ?Or at least a 
reasonably facsimile of me.? He sat down on a convenient rock and ordered his 


?He ? the local version of me, that is ? lives in the temple, and has done 
practically since the vessel crashed here. He concurs with Shar?s description 
of this place being split into two factions: one of them wants to convince us 
to go back and undo what happened here, the other wants us to leave well alone, 
they are happy and like their lives as they are.


We understand that it won?t matter ? if we go back and change the past it will 
only alter the future into which we travel, and these people and this version 
of reality will remain. We can turn both parties down, or we can agree with 
both as an appeasement, and it will not be able to alter anything.


He doesn?t believe that the situation will come to violence, for what it?s 
worth, but he and his few acquaintances and accomplices are rather removed from 
the local society, so their opinion on such matters is? unreliable.?


?Wow!? Zena offered, <I>sotto voce</I>, ?Kieran describing his own opinion as 
unreliable? Self doubt at last??


?A reasonable approximation of the situation, nothing more.? Kieran explained, 
with a little more of a frown than a smile. ?He is no more me than you are ? 
different experiences, different life? makes for a different person.?


?Could we skip the metaphysics?? Santos asked, rather sharply.


?Darkwater has the Ark. He?s been without equipment to analyse it fully and 
extensively, but he believes that it exists outside of the unidirectional 
time-stream in which we live ? and he worries that it may be possible to link 
it to a ship and travel outside of the usual restrictions of time-travel.

He doesn?t think any of the natives beyond his own small group know that it is 
here, but he can?t be sure. He wants us to defend it ? if anyone were going to 
try to use it, they?d likely do it now whilst we were around.?

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