[USS Vanguard] RPG: Special Abilities of the USS Vanguard

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Rank : LtJG Denville d'Angelo
Place: USS Vanguard, Briefing Chamber
After: Bravo Team

Time: Just after the briefing

Zena Quentin and Connor Vogel remain in the briefing room while the others
leave. "Connor, as you know the Vanguard was build to enable time travel.
Due to lack of knowledge concerning time travel Starfleet and the Romulans
did not accomplish to create a space craft like the Relativity."

"I know, Vanguard is not able to travel through time." says Vogel. 

"Correct, that is the official Starfleet statement. But the Vanguard has
special abilities concerning time. Even our 'Romulan colleagues' don't know
about this. Starfleet has kept this discovery highly classified." says Zena
on a calm tone.

"What are the special abilities of the Vanguard", Connor asks.

"I cannot tell you everything, it is on a need to know basis only.", says
Zena, "At this moment you only need to know the following. The Vanguard can
exist in two time bubbles: the original bubble and a time bubble of a
temporal anomaly. The Vanguard is in that situation a door between the two
time bubbles."

Somewhat aroused Conners asks, "So the Vanguard can travel in time?"

"No, the Vanguard can't create of a time bubble. During the test flights
with the Vanguard this bug was discovered. This behavior is not by design,
perhaps now we can use it in our advantage."


Time: Later

Denville walks into the transporter room. He sees Aliah talking with Jazz.
He wants to join their conversation but Connor calls him, "Here Denville,
your hazard suite and weapons." Denville accepts them and dresses up, but
waits on his other team members before placing his helmet on his head.

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