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  • Date: Sat, 21 Feb 2004 11:55:33 +0100

  Lt. Highwaij
  USS Vanguard Bridge
  After "So 5 Starfleet Officers walk into a bar"

  As soon as the Vanguard had docked Highwaij  had left the ship and headed
for his old friends which he whould meat at "The Atlantis Project" one of
the best projects Starfleet had been part in on Earth, where they had
created a island in the middle of the ocean, which was now being used as
farm country, or archelogical site, on some places they where still
terraforming. Highwaij had alway's had great respect for people whom fought
against the water, and had visited most of these projects, the acient dikes,
deltaworks etc.

  From there he had been visiting Ping Chow an acient Maradin Palace which
was converted into a restaurant, where he had enjoyed a good home cooked
meal bye it's chefs Evryone of the old group seemed to enjoyed it, they
closed there reunion with spending a night in the Kremlin.

  As he finaly returned to the Vanguard the next day late, he sat down on
the bridge and activated the vieuw screen. He alway's enjoyed being on eart,
but the Vanguard was his home and he was glad to be back onboard.

  As he looked outside to the starts a call came in which he answered
"Highwaij here"

  "It's McCaw. Can you transmit the Klinzai data to M.J. Valentine? Append a
note that if she needs to discuss it, I'll be making a brief stop in
Engineering tomorrow morning."

  "Aye, sir," Highwaij said.He remembered the old project he knew where it
was stored "Going to Klinzai wasn't needed here, he knew the data which was
stored in the ships powerfull databanks like the back of his hand.

  Quickly he send out an urgent message to Valentine including McCaw's
message, perhpas he should walk down to her later to see if he could help
her with it,
  that project had done a lot to the old Astoria's crew.

  Lt. Highwaij
  USS Vanguard

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