[USS Vanguard] RPG: Silence is golden

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Title: Silence is golden
By: M.J Valentine
Stellar Cartographer
M.J walked briskly from her quarters to the messhall. She looked around. Hardly 
anyone was there. She thanked her lucky stars and got herself a cold glass of 
orange juice from the replicator and sat down by herself in a comfortable seat 
by the window. she could never get one otherwise. Even Des was gone. That was a 
first. She curled up in the seat and opened her book.
She had been reading the same line on the same page for the past two days. That 
fraustrated her with no end. She smiled at the quietness around her and began 
{{Tag anyone...MJ needs conversation..if anyone wants to do a joint post let me 
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Maria-Jana "MJ" Valentine
Chief Cartographer
USS Vanguard
I'm a woman Trapped in a Woman's body!

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