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Lt. Highwaij Chief Communications
USS Vanguard - Bridge
After: Old Friends, New Friends

As the Vanguard moved slowly through the defense field,
Highwaij kept talking to the Hearth control. At the same time
Captain Santos ordered Red Alert, red lights where activated all
over the ship, as the ships com. system called out "Red alert battle
Red alert"

Then the Vanguard got hit
"Helm keep us going straight" Highwaij yelled " Vanguard to control,
we've been hit by an unknown missile from a cloaked ship. You guy's
get the security system off."

"This is control as said before we can't turn it off, but the systems aren't
aiming at the
Vanguard, their trying to find the cloaked ship"

Highwaij turned to Santos "Sorry captain, they won't turn off the defenses"

Santos looked around "Any ideas" while the planets defenses where firing

"Hmmm" Highwaij said

"Yes Lt." Santos repeated

"Two thing can happen one: the automated defenses find the Ferengi and blast
them away,
perhaps the transporter room can get a fix on them when their cloak is gone
and transport those Ferengie's
to the brig, before their ship is destroid. the second use the Vanguard and
jump back in time a few minuts"
Highwaij said  as the ship got hit again


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