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  • Date: Mon, 22 Apr 2002 20:36:08 +0100

> NRPG: ARE THE GUYS BACK??? what is Cyan's background.
> Not his real one, but the character's

Hmmm... well... my BIO is over @:

What else. I've been meaning to write something more about his and his ppls
history for a while, but let me sum some stuff up.

His ppl came from ancient Earth, and I think Kieran and perhaps some others
thing this means our time now, but it doesn't. I had actually envisioned
going waaaaaay back to 2000-3000BC. His ppl are a kinda Celtic like tribal
race, who somehow got transported to this other planet dubed Albion. How and
why is a chronicle that I might write at a later date.

He has a marking on the top of his right shoulder, its not the one described
on the BIO, but something more elaborate that I have a pic of somewhere. I
might try and send it to the list - he hasnt told anyone what it means, so
if you wanna know, ask sometime ;)

He also has this sword, typical celtic in design - anthromorphic hilt,
leaf-blade... though Andy mentioned about a katana in his latest post, which
I'm imcoporate into my next few.

Anything else I guess just ask him in conversation or ask me specific
questions I guess.

Hope this helps :)

Oh and Doc, ssssssssaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaave my arm !!! lol.


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