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Dominic Santos
Timeframe: After all recent posts
OoC: When we last saw Santos, he and Zena Quetan and Dr. Jaav E'thexx had just 
boarded Kavan's ship. Kieran Darkwater and Ana were about to join them. The 
following post continues from that point.

Dominic Cesar Santos stood at the window in sickbay, watching the Earth as it 
receded. At first, its watery blues and wispy cloud whites filled the window; 
then, it was the size of a ball he could hold in his hand. Finally, it was a 
marble. Then, it was nothing at all.

He was profoundly aware that he was a guest aboard Kavan's starship. The 
Vanguard had been decommissioned. Nobody had told him where she had been 
bearthed, or if she even remained in one piece. His belongings from the 
apartment he kept in Galway--for his rare stays on Earth--had been packed up 
and shipped to Starfleet Headquarters in San Francisco. No doubt, a forensics 
team was scouring every bit of it right now, to ensure the changeling who had 
been impersonating him had not left behind a going-away present. A Xindi 
doomsday weapon would be disastrous.

Nevertheless, Santos smiled at the thought some poor junior-grade technician 
was combing through his underwear drawer.

The richest story concerned Prism, Santos' macaw whose home had been the 
captain's ready room during Santos' tour aboard Vanguard. Prism had been making 
his home in the San Francisco Zoo. Last week, a man later identified as the 
vedek Soman Drath transported into the zoo, and, in front of stunned zoo 
visitors, walked through the force field around Prism's habitat. The bird 
perched happily on his shoulder, the Bajoran walked through the forcefield 
again and transported off planet.

Neither had been heard from since.

Santos smiled at the thought that Prism accompanied Soman home to Bajor, where 
the bird was no doubt living with Soman and making a menace of himself to the 
other Bajoran clergy.

Santos heard the doors behind him shush open. He marveled at how quiet the 
doors had become on this, Kavan?s new starship. The technology had come a long 
way since he first sat in Vanguard?s big chair, well, how many years ago was it 

He saw her reflection in the window. The inky blackness of space made an 
excellent reflective surface.

?Commodore?? she said. ?Nick??

He smiled and turned away. ?Ceelak. How are you??

?Fine, sir,? she said.

He walked toward her. ?There?s no need for that kind of formality. Just call me 

She nodded and studied him. ?Commo?Nick, if you?ll come with me, please. There 
are some people who would very much like to see you.?

Santos nodded and followed Nostrova through the doors. (?So quiet,? he thought 

?How have you been?? he asked.

?Good, adjusting nicely,? she said.

?Do you think you?ll stay beyond your standard tour?? he asked.

?I already have,? she said. She paused. ?I?ve also stopped?changing sexes so 
frequently. I don?t know if it?s a side effect of spending time among humans. 
I?m the first to spend so much time among you.?

Santos nodded. He was unsure how to respond. He didn?t know the decorum of 
dealing with multi-sex species.

Santos followed Nostrova up two decks and down a long corridor. At the end of 
it, the doors parted to what was obviously the conference room.

And, there, Santos saw the officers and crew members of the Vanguard.

[This is a good point for anyone joining this mission to jump aboard. ? Andy]

Santos slumped against the wall and covered his face with his hand. He wept in 
front of this crew?his friends, his family?and he no longer cared who saw him 

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