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Capt. Dominic Santos
USS Vanguard (Currently docked at Starbase Brigadoon)
After all recent posts

Challis: =/\= Bridge to Captain Santos. =/\=

Santos tapped his comm badge.

Santos: =/\= Santos. Go ahead. =/\=

Challis: =/\= Admiral Sayer, Priority One. =/\=

Santos: =/\= Tell him I'll take it in my Ready Room. =/\=

Challis: =/\= Yes, sir. =/\=

Dominic Santos set his glass down on the counter. He looked up at the
bar and caught Counselor Jaav E'thexx in the middle of a conversation
with Lt. Grimes from Engineering. She laughed and he smiled back,
taking an easy sip from his glass.

Santos caught his eye and waved him over. E'thexx nodded and turned to
Grimes. Santos watched him mouth, "Will you excuse me?"

Santos (to E'thexx): I'm having a meeting with Admiral Sayer.

E'thexx: [...]

Santos: I believe you know him?

E'thexx: Er, yes...

Santos: I'd like you to sit in.

E'thexx: Certainly.

Santos passed Soman Drath on the way out of Event Horizon.

Soman: What's going on?

Santos: I'll fill you in later, Commander.

Soman: Fine.

[En route to the Captain's Ready Room.]

Santos: The Admiral has been keeping a close eye on us since we left
Brigadoon last year.

E'thexx: I know. He occasionally sends me communiques, asking for the
status on the crew.

Santos (grinning): I know.

E'thexx opened his mouth to ask the Captain how he knew, but he closed
his mouth and decided it wasn't important.

As the pair rounded the corner, an officer came charging around the
corner and ran into the Captain.

She nearly bowled them over, but Santos caught Lt. Khan.

Santos: Whoa. What's going on?

Khan: It's...nothing! It's nothing!

Santos: Nothing? Do you go barreling around the ship for nothing?

Khan: I...I can't talk about it!

E'thexx: Lieutenant, perhaps you'd like to speak with me later? In
private? You appear to be in distress.

Khan barks a hard laugh, smoothing her hair out of her face.

Khan: Yeah. "In distress." I guess you could say that.

E'thexx: Come talk to me.

Khan: I...all right. Maybe I will.

E'thexx: Good.

Khan: Captain, Counselor--I'm sorry I ran into you like that.

Santos (smiling): I'm not. We can all use a hand once in a while.

Khan: That's not funny!

Santos: What...?

Khan: "Use a hand"!

Santos: I wasn't trying to be glib.

Khan: [...] I know. I...never mind. I'll see you later, sir. Counselor.

Santos and E'thexx watch her go.

Santos (to E'thexx): You handled that well.

E'thexx: I'm just doing my job.

Santos (smiling): Of course you would say that. Come on, let's not keep
the Admiral waiting.

[Santos and E'thexx inside the ready room.]

Santos walks over to Prism's perch and opens a small bag of sunflower
seeds into the tray.

E'thexx reaches out his hand to stroke its feathers.

E'thexx: Easy. Nice bird.

Santos snatches E'thexx's hand back just as the macaw's powerful beak
nearly snaps E'thexx's finger off.

E'thexx: Yiaa!

Santos: Not so nice bird.

E'thexx: I can see that!

Santos walks behind his desk and touches a button on the console.

Santos: Captain Dominic Santos, seven-five-xray-zulu.

Computer: Acknowledge "Captain Dominic Santos."

Santos: Encrypt Priority One message from Starbase Brigadoon on
Frequency TF-one-one-alpha, encryption sequence Gamma-bravo-two. Amend
copy to private log, Santos, Dominic, and encrypt with Winston-Satek

Computer: Working.

E'thexx: Are you sure you have enough security in place?

Santos: If you used all the matter in the universe to construct a
computer designed by the Vulcans and operated by the Bynars, it would
take them until the end of the universe to break this message. And even
then, that's not a sure bet.

E'thexx: I know.

Santos: When it comes to the Omega, we don't take chances.

E'thexx: I know that, too.

Computer: Encryption complete.

There was a slight pause on the frequency as the security sequence ran
its processes over the message.

Sayer: Dominic. Good to see you.

Santos: Thad! How are you?

Sayer: Could be worse. Who's complaining? I'm getting a slight delay.
Are you running high encryption?

Santos: That's right.

Sayer: Fine. [...] Counselor. I see you're here.

E'thexx (tightly): Admiral.

Sayer nods back.

Sayer: I won't waste time, Nick. I'm recalling Vanguard for a refit.

Santos: That's fine. I've been expecting this. If you have a team
ready, I'll get Vokar and Sam McCaw to coordinate with them. If we can
limit the time we spend in spacedock, I'd appreciate anything you can

Sayer: I'm afraid that's the bad news. I'm scheduling a major refit for
the Vanguard.

Santos (controlling his anger): May I ask why? She's seen some action,
but she's spaceworthy. Frankly, I could go another three years before a

Sayer (looking at a PADD): Let's see--the Mirror Universe, Vorgon, the
Nexus Ribbon, Ferengi, and now the Borg. You call that "some" action?

Santos: No more action than most deep-space vessels see.

Sayer: On top of that, your development into the Vanguard's temporal
systems has been at a standstill. I hate to use the word "stalled," but
that's what I'm seeing, Nick. I mean, have you done _anything_ about
the temporal systems?

Santos: Spend a week with me in space, Thad, and try telling me again
that R&D are sitting on their hands.

Sayer: [Sigh.] It doesn't matter, because Vokar is being recalled to
the Vulcan homeworld...

Santos: That's the first I've heard of this.

Sayer: Let me finish. I could go around all day with you, Nick, but I'm
not. Keep her at Brigadoon. We have a team in place to do the refit.
I'm reassigning you to Starbase Brigadoon as its commander.

Santos: What! I've never commanded a starbase before! Thad, listen to

Sayer: Captain Santos! Listen to me carefully! This is an ORDER--you
WILL keep the Vanguard at Brigadoon! You WILL let the engineering team
I've assembled aboard! You WILL do everything in your power to make
sure they have what they need! And you WILL relieve this starbase's
commander and take the posting as your own! Am I absolutely clear?

Santos: [...] Crystal.

Sayer: Good. I expect a report in the next 48 hours. Sayer out.

Santos watched the Admiral break decorum by toggling off the
transmission before Santos had a chance to respond.

The two men were silent momentarily. Then, Santos slapped the flat of
his palm onto the desk. E'thexx didn't flinch. He'd seen his share of
anger during counseling.

E'thexx: Captain, you brought me into this meeting because you wanted a
witness to it, someone with no authority to make or carry out
command-level decisions.

Santos smiled in spite of himself.

Santos: Very good. That's right. What did you think?

E'thexx: The admiral's agenda is not his own. He's following someone
else's script. I don't know much about command politics, but this is
highly unusual.

Santos nodded.

Santos: I hate to see Vokar go.

E'thexx: I know. But he's been expressing his desire to return to
Vulcan, begin the Kohlinar.

Santos: It's about that time, isn't it?

E'thexx: He's a little younger than most candidates, but yes, he's
within his rights.

Santos: Good for Vokar. Never take the easy way. I'm sure he'll be

E'thexx: Yes. I think so. What do we do now?

Santos: We follow the admiral's orders. We see how this plays out. And
we're in spacedock.

E'thexx: What if we don't head out into space again?

Santos: I'll tell you one thing, Counselor, I--and this crew--are
headed back into space. It may take a little longer than we thought,
but that's a promise.

E'thexx nodded.

Soman: =/\= Soman to Captain Santos. =/\=

Santos: =/\= Go ahead. =/\=

Soman: =/\= I'm in Event Horizon, Captain. I think there's something
here you ought to see.

Santos looked at E'thexx and the two men headed for the lounge.

OoC: Thus we begin our time at Starbase Brigadoon. For those of you who
have come to the game after our relaunch last year, Starbase Brigadoon
is the birthplace of the USS Vanguard, and a joint Starfleet-Romulan
base reengineered from a Starfleet under-structure to meet Romulan
specifications. It is cloaked in a top-secret location. Admiral Thad
Sayer--an NPC created by Jonathon (Jaav E'thexx) is attached loosely to
the location. Although top secret, there are "interesting" characters
lurking about. And maybe even some traders with starbase clearance who
remember a barfight with Santos (&Co.) from last year... ;-)

As for Geurt (Vokar), this is where we begin to say goodbye. I hope his
respite his short and that he comes back to us soon. In the meantime,
Operations/Engineering will come under the same umbrella with Alec (Sam
McCaw) at its head. We'll/I'll write posts to mark both occasions.

It's a "do-what-you-like" period. I'll be contacting each of you, most
likely privately, to give you an idea the assignments that Santos will
be handing out. You're free to accept or reject those ideas, they're
just something to get you going in the right direction.

On the real life side, I'm going to try and do something with the Web
site. It's getting a little dusty...! :-) Also, our new status as the
flagship of Task Force Three is making me think Fleet- and Task
Force-wide. How does a "character exchange" program sound to you? Maybe
a player or two dispatched to another ship for one mission as they
dispatch someone to ours. Volunteers?

More to come. Again, if you haven't posted in a while, please send me
an email. If you're posting and present, please send me an email, or
better yet, send an email to the general list. We'd love to hear from
you. Obviously, if you've been posting in the last couple of days,
that's not necessary, unless you want to say hi, which is more than

Oh, and...

Lela: Can you have you friend with the application contact me
personally? Thanks. andywoho@xxxxxxxxx

Alexa: If one of your other characters wants to come aboard for a
promotion ceremony for Santos, we'd love to have one of your
characters. :-)


Good book I've recently read: "Black Dahlia" by James Ellroy.

Good movie I've recently seen: "Training Day," starring Denzel Washington.

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