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OoC: Before I wade in, I have to say two things.
1. Sorry for MY delay, as well. But when you players step up to the
plate, you step up. Those posts were VERY good.
Some of my favorites:
[From Jonathon:] "Santos: Recconfigure the main array by synchronising
it with the borg's energy field......There...it might not be much, but
it's better than nothing."
Over and over, the Counselor effortlessly, seamlessly, weaves
Treknology into his posts and makes it believable. I love details like
that. This is just one example of how he accomplishes it so well.
[From Lela:] "She'ra: Sir, here's some more good news, they've got us..
if we don't do something and fast, we won't be of much use to the awaay
Lela has made herself a part of our crew and just has an intuition
about what we look for and how we (and our characters) behave. While I
always wish there were more--because you're a good player, Lela--she's
started the art of mastering the "cliffhanger" post without diverting
the main action.
[From Chris:] "Soman: Stark also pulled out Delta 6 when she needed a
Part of the art involved in email roleplaying the way we play is
knowing your fellow players and--more importantly for
roleplaying--their characters and how those characters would behave and
talk. A more difficult proposition is providing background story on
those characters, background the players haven't provided or never
provided without interrupting their own character's development.
Chris, again, shows his talent by doing precisely that. In one or two
sentences, he helps to characterize and flesh out a character who,
lamentably, has been gone a long time.
[From Alec:] "There are two planets within easy reach, but there's a
downside. One is completely covered with ocean and the other is
Centaurus IV, with a pre-warp culture of creatures very much like the
Centaurs of earth mythology..."
Fleeing in distress--it's not glamorous or sexy, but even here, Alec
manages to infuse it with a classic Trek-style dilemma. I just knew
this group would make their run interesting. Alec proves it.
[From Steven:] "<Shuttle 'Hurricane' - Around the time the sh*t hits
the fan>"
All I can say is, "LOL." As for the rest of Steven's post(s),
it's/they're good. But then, they always are.
And how can I forget Alexa? I had expected some glossing-over of how
Droin was supposed to protect Quetan from the Borg (It is, after all,
how Braga & Co. handle it on their own show), but leave it to Alexa to
come up with a brilliant plan. (HIV, huh?) And, no, Doctor, I do not
want to be infected. With anything. So, yes, I will give you a heads-up
before throwing you into the lion's den in the future. ;-)
And I would be remiss if I didn't mention Mark's "Kristen...was still
alive..." It sums it all up, and sets the dark and spooky mood, as
well. Good job!
Capt. Dominic Santos
USS Vanguard - Main Bridge
Minutes after "Eyes Wide"
"Doing nothing" in battle was foreign to Dominic Santos, but on the
recommendation of his executive officer Soman Drath, that was precisely
what he did. Times like this frustrated him. His feelings were enforced
by occasions such as strolling into Event Horizon, coming across a
table with three or four of his senior staff, who usually stopped their
conversation or laughter mid-sentence and offered him smiles and polite
Blowing off steam was nothing new. It was the reason places like Event
Horizon existed in the first place. And clamming up to avoid the
disapproval of the commanding officer was a tradition as old as the
first sailing ships on Earth. Santos knew that. But that wasn't all he
detected. In fact, in most cases, what he detected was the crew's
respectful cessation of their activities, especially if they were
recounting their old days on the USS Astoria, may she rest.
Santos was good at first impressions. He had carried himself this far
relying on most of his. And while he had spent time with Kristen Stark,
it was nothing like the time the others on this starship had spent with
her. They knew her better. And in this case, Santos trusted Soman's
instincts, as difficult as it was to be handicapped by his ignorance of
his foe compared with Soman's insight into this foe.
Santos (to E'thexx): Give me McCaw's heading.
E'thexx: They're on a vector directly away from us and the Borg.
Maximum warp. Wait. One of the pyramid...fragments is in hot pursuit.
Santos (to Soman): We can't go after them. But let's try to give them
some support. Fire two quantum torpedoes.
Soman: Hard to target at this range and at their current speed.
Santos: Do your best. Equip both with a self-destruct timer. Make sure
they're detonated in space if they miss either one. I don't want one of
our torpedoes going stray and hitting something else out here.
Soman: Aye. (Seconds later.) Torpedoes away. Breaker-Alpha
approximately five seconds ahead of Bravo. Approaching pyramid...it's a
miss. It's missed the shuttle, as well. Self-detonating in
On his sensors, the torpedo blinked out of existence, just ahead of the
Soman: Breaker-Bravo approaching target...wait, there's a change in
trajectory...we have contact! Contact, sir!
Santos: Did it detonate on the pyramid!
Soman: I can't tell...readings are sporadic. The primary Borg pyramid
and quantum cast-off is interfering with our sensors.
Santos: How inconvenient.
The Vanguard suddenly rocked.
Khan: Captain, the Borg have locked on with their tractor beam. But
readings show that it's pummeling us with some sort of energy
dissipation device.
Santos: In other words, it's sucking the life out of Vanguard while
they've got us sitting ducks.
Khan: Y-yes...yes, sir.
Mandrake, Quetan, and Highwaij find themselves in a large hangar. It
appears to be a Borg shuttlebay. Drones work various stations
throughout the 'bay.
Quetan: Let's go.
Mandrake: Easy for you to say! You're the one they want. Highwaij and I
are going to be drones.
Quetan: The captain would never let that happen to you.
Mandrake: I... [Mandrake changes his mind about whatever he was about
to say.]
Highwaij pulls three phaser rifles from the small armory in the back of
the shuttlecraft.
Highwaij: They're self-modulating. Remember, don't fire unless you
absolutely have to. We'll attract any and all Borg in the vicinity if
we do.
The trio exit from the rear of the craft.
Mandrake: Sort of quiet. Where's the welcoming committee?
Quetan: This way.
Quetan leads them toward a small, dimly-lit corridor.
Highwaij: Wait. I'm getting massive energy readings. There's a...yes,
over there.
Highwaij walks down a corridor off the main one. Quetan and Mandrake
Highwaij: It appears to be coming from this room.
Quetan walks toward the turbo-door. Nothing happens. She places her
hand over the Borg console to the left of the door. It hisses open
automatically, giving them a start. They look at one another, and
Quetan studies the Borg panel for a few seconds.
Quetan: Want to hear something funny? It recognizes me as "Quetan, Zena
aka Three of Nine." At least I know what my Borg designation is. [Wry
Mandrake: Dandy. Do you think you can bypass their security?
Quetan: I think I might already have. Hold on...Mandrake, take point.
Highwaij, cover our rear.
Highwaij: That's what I do best.
The turbodoor slid open.
Quetan: Mandrake, go!
Cynan Mandrake lowered his phaser rifle and charged into the anteroom,
sweeping it with his phaser sight. Quetan swept in after him, and
Highwaij turned, studied their flank, and ran after them.
He found Quetan and Mandrake in a room with a large, pulsating pyramid
shape in the center of the ceiling.
Highwaij: Is that...?
Quetan [studying her tricorder]: Yes. A large, central Borg
communciation/power node.
Mandrake: But why would Kristen...err, I mean the Borg Queen let us get
so close to it?
Quetan: Who knows? She was once Stark, remember, so maybe she retained
some of her preconceptions about us, thinking we're on her side, that
we wouldn't do her any harm. That sort of thing.
Mandrake: You sure?
Quetan: No. But I'm not sure about anything. [Coughs.] Whatever Doctor
Droin's done to me seems to be taking effect. If we're going to do
this, we better go soon.
Highwaij: If we destroy the central node, there's no guarantee anything
will happen. They may have back-ups in place. A Borg vessel this large,
I'm almost positive of it.
Quetan: Maybe so, but it would give them one hell of a distraction, and
maybe give the Captain the time he needs to get us out of this mess.
All right, Mandrake, I want you to place your phaser rifle on
overcharge. Place some photon grenades around it.
Mandrake: I need to go get my gear from the shuttle.
Quetan: Double time.
Mandrake nodded and left. Seconds later, they heard a scream from the
corridor. Quetan and Highwaij looked at one another and ran out of the
node chamber.
Santos: Jaav, use a feedback loop to fool the tractor into thinking
we're somewhere else.
E'thexx: Uh, how do I do that?
Santos: Place a transponder sequence and energy signature...here, let
me. [Santos makes adjustments to his board.] Did you catch that?
E'thexx: Most of it.
Santos: You may need to do it again someday if we ever get out of this.
Khan: That's it. We've broken free! But the tractor is re-aligning
itself, still hunting for us.
Santos: Any word from McCaw?
Soman: None.
Santos: [Sighs.] All right. Evasive pattern Enigma-Three. Stark
wouldn't know that one.
The Vanguard looped back on itself and made distance of half a light
year. The pyramid seemed to wake to their escape and started to close
the distance. Suddenly, the Vanguard turned back on the pyramid and
fired disruptor cannons.
A light show erupted on the ventral side of the pyramid as the Vanguard
ran beneath her.
Santos: Damage?
Soman: Minimal. Five percent to their main power systems. They're
Santos: Would you go along with me if we needed to fire a trilithium
Droin: You wouldn't...!
Santos: We'd lose our lives here, but if it means stopping the Borg
before they advance...
He never finished his sentence.
Soman: Sir! We have a scrambled message coming in on Captain's Secure
Frequency. It's...D'Angelo! They're in!
[To Be Continued]

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