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  Immediately after Seed of Destruction
  Craig sat at the table with Zena, Jaav, and Dominic while his XO and Tactical 
Officer remained standing, giving the feeling that they were on guard.  Craig 
spent a few minutes explaining to them what happened at Adram Prime.
  ?So there was nothing left??  Zena asked, shocked.
  Craig took a sip of iced tea that someone had brought for him and responded, 
?Nothing sentient.  Right now, the rest of my squadron is in the Adram Prime 
sector trying to get some answers.  We were there for two days before we were 
re-tasked to come here.?
   Jaav cocked an eyebrow, ?Why are you here exactly?  Other than to have your 
man assault me, that is??
   ?Oh,? Craig said sheepishly, ?about that, I couldn?t be too careful, nor 
could I take the time to explain in case Nick was the ?other? Nick.?
  ?Anyone else confused yet??  Nick said.
  ?At any rate,? Craig continued, ?We?re here because Starfleet has decided 
that it isn?t safe for Nick anywhere else right now.  So? the Thespiae has been 
assigned as your security.  You are all supposed to come with me.  It?s not 
exactly our specialty but Admiral Roth thought the fewer people who knew about 
this the better and as far as I know, we?re the only ship that?s been informed 
what?s going on. ?
  ?So then Admiral Roth thinks that Nick is still in danger??
  Jaav sighed.  ?It makes sense.  If the Changeling can reacquire Nick and 
eliminate him permanently, then he can go right back to impersonating him.  
This kind of thing is exactly why I left.  It?s never going to end..?
  Craig caught the look Zena shot Jaav.  It didn?t seem right to see her look 
that angry.  He?d obviously missed something in the last year.  Later, he told 
himself he?d ask, but not now.
  Nick shifted in his seat.  Craig thought he looked tired.  Come to think of 
it, he thought, they all seemed tired?  And different; events of the last year 
had changed them all.  It made Craig feel gloomy when he ought to have been 
happy at being reunited with his friends.
  ?Nick I know this last couple of weeks has probably been stressful, and I 
hate to cause more?  But we really need to get you out of here,? Craig told his 
former CO.
  Zena nodded, ?I agree Nick.  If they were willing to wipe out an entire star 
system over this, then they?re certainly capable of hunting you down here.?  
She turned to Craig, ?What?s the plan from here then??
  Nick cleared his throat and they turned to see him getting out of his chair.  
?Craig, maybe we should return to the scene of the crime?  Try and figure out 
where the Changeling went.?  Nick?s face seemed to darken.  ?I don?t know about 
the rest of you but I want some answers.?
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