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  • From: "Peter-Jan Hanekamp" <p.hanekamp@xxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Sun, 5 Jan 2003 20:50:53 +0100

> > Lt. Highwaij
> > Following  Bend But Don't Break
> > Location: USS Vanguard Bridge

"Computer open personal log Highwaij" a voice said on the bridge from behind
on of the stations in the back

"Personal log has been opened" the monotone voice of the computer said

Stardate 100105

A lot has happened lately, one of our crew members and close friend whom I
had the pleasure with to serve for several years, has left us
I know I'm going to miss Tails a lot, we've been through a lot together.

but we got a new crewmember onboard Lieutenant Connor Vogel the new chief
I haven't spoken to him, and don't know mush about him, hope he will feel at
home here.

At This moments we're back on another mission, ...................."

At that moment the ship was shaking Highwaij looked up "Computer save log
and end it"
he quickly said and looked at the small screen in front of him

this was seriously, The Captain had just arrived on the bridge, Highwaij
looked at the storm, and didn't like it
now an energy discharge was heading for them. Highwaij grapped his chair and
hold on
"Everyone grap something to hold on" he yelled over the bridge

> > Lt Highwaij
> > Chief Communication Officer
> > USS Vanguard

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