[USS Vanguard] RPG: Old Friends, New Friends

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Capt. Dominic Santos
USS Vanguard - Bridge
"Piracy for Fun and Profit" +seconds

Santos: Highwaij, hail Hearth control.

Highwaij: Channel open. They're responding.

Control: Vanguard, what's going on up there!

Santos: Never mind that. Can you deactivate the defense system?

Control: Absolutely not! Once activated, they are on auto; they will
not deactivate until the permitted ship lands planetside!

Santos: Can your engineering staff reprogram the units?

Control: Let me put it to you this way--can your engineering staff have
transwarp ready? In the next five minutes?

Santos: Understood. We have a situation up here, and it may cause a

Control: Whatever you do, DON'T. They WILL open fire and respond to
anything that seems remotely hostile.

Santos thought of his next statement, his mind working furiously.

Highwaij: Captain, we're being hailed by the Ferengi vessel.

Santos: Put them on. =/\= Ferengi vessel, this is Captain Dominic
Santos of the Starship Vanguard. You've trespassed into a Federation
security area; the criminal penalties for that are severe. Withdraw now
and avoid a confrontation. =/\=

Sam McCaw and Jaav E'thexx arrived on the bridge. One look at Santos's
face told them it was acceptable to stay on the bridge, but to listen
carefully to what was taking place.

Kye turned from the security station.

Kye: Think that did it?

Santos: [...]

Soman: If I've learned anything, when fools have it pointed out to them
why they're being foolish in the first place, they just become more
entrenched in their positions. It's what makes them idiots.

Mandrake: I thought you said 'fools.'

Soman: That too.

Santos: All right. Highwaij, send the message again.

Highwaij: That won't be necessary. They're hailing us.

Santos: Audio only.

Highwaij studied Santos's face to get his mind around the unusual
order, but to his credit, he followed through on the request quickly.
He would determine the why's and wherefore's later on his own time.

Ferengi: ([]>Greetings, hew-mon. Save the blustering. We know what we
want. Transfer the trilithium and all the trilithium from the planet

Des BB: =/\=Tog! Halk! You slimy...!=/\=

Halk [eyes lowered]: ([]>Uh, hi, Des...um...funny we should see you

Tog [whispering, hissing]: Quiet, fool!

Des BB: =/\=Oh, you poor, poor fools--you have no idea what you've done
this time.=/\=

Halk looks at Tog with uncertainty.

Tog [whispering again]: Ignore the female, fool!

Santos: =/\=We have a job to do, gentlemen. And we're going to proceed
down to the planet. Do you see those turrets in your periphery? Those
are A170 Snapdragon-class turrets. Capable of delivering 1-kiloton
payloads in five seconds. I promise, they'll ruin your day. I have a
flight plan I cannot deviate from. If I deviate from it, they open
fire. If I return fire in orbit, they fire. If I do anything, up to and
including blinking in a way they don't like, they WILL fire. And
they'll take you down with them.=/\=

Tog and Halk look at each other.

Santos: =/\=We have two choices here--I can proceed down to the planet
and do my job and guarantee the safety of everyone on-board my ship. Or
you can try and take our trilithium--because I will NOT surrender
it--and we'll return fire. The Snapdragons will open fire and
annihilate both of us. Oh, we might survive, but I'm guessing a
Buccaneer-class Ferengi vessel won't. The choice is yours. Now, I'm
going to order my helmsman to proceed down to the planet. You know
what's out there. The choice you make in the next five seconds could
end your lives. Make it a wise one.=/\=

Santos ordered the channel closed just as Tog opened his mouth.

Santos: Mandrake, proceed with the filed flight plan. Highwaij, open a
channel to Control and let them know we're coming.

Mandrake: Aye sir.

Highwaij: Aye sir.

Without another word, the Vanguard moved through the Snapdragon defense
field. They passed the first pair ten seconds later at impulse speed,
and the bridge staff let out a sigh.

Kye: We're really doing this.

Chen'ki: Don't get overconfident.

Santos: I'm gambling on the fact that your old friends, especially
Halk, won't risk hurting you.

Des BB: That's a lot to gamble.

Santos: I know.

Soman: Ten seconds before we're clear of the defenses. Eight, seven,
six...wait. We have another ship that's just come into the system!

Santos: Red alert!

Stratford: They've come through some sort of temporal wormhole.
Accessing. I've never seen anything like this [awed].

Santos: Let's study it later. Hail them.

Mandrake: They've armed their primary weapons...I...uh, don't even know
what they are! Weapons away!

Santos: Shields up maximum! Brace yourselves!

Soman: Sir, the Snapdragons...!

The first weapon detonated against the side of the Vanguard, rocking
her on her side. The Snapdragons activated, and the next few seconds
were noise, and darkness, and fire.

[OoC: Over to you. Anyone who wants to write the next segment, please
go ahead and do so.]

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