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Re: "Valentine is female, not male."

I know. :) I thought it strange, too, the first time I heard the female 
officers referred to as "Mister [Such-and-such]" on TNG, but I later read 
somewhere that all officers (and enlisted?) are referred to as "Mister" 
regardless of sex.

(I believe Captain Janeway even explains the politics behind this form of 
address in the "Voyager" pilot, "Caretaker, Part I." - Nerdy Andy.)

Once or twice, I've referred to the female officers as "Mister" and was 
wondering when someone would finally notice and ask.

But if you like, we'll refer to Valentine as "M.J." or "Ms. Valentine" from 
this point forward. :)

Capt. Dominic Santos
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"I need to leave," Santos said with some regret after checking the message from 
Dr. Droin on his PADD.

"Because of the situation on Vanguard?" Ceelak Nostrova asked.

"That's right," Santos said.

"But Craig, Sam, Xristha and her staff are all working on it--as the captain, 
is it really necessary for you to be there, too?"

"I have to be there *because* I'm the captain," Santos said. He walked over to 
Aliyah-Amores Lopez-Fitzgerald, who was chatting with a group of students in 
the corner.

"...and then a food-fight erupted in the lounge during our promotion ceremony!" 
Aliyah was saying. The students laughed.

"Aliyah." Santos nodded at the students and then approached Lopez-Fitzgerald.

"Yes...? Oh, everyone, this is the captain of the Vanguard!" she said.

"All right?" one student, a redhead, asked.

"Just fine, thanks," Santos told him. He turned to Aliyah. "I need to speak to 
you for a moment."

"Can it wait?" Aliyah grinned.

"No, this can't," Santos said.

Aliyah's demeanor changed immediately as she walked toward Ceelak with Santos.

"Dr. Droin has reported an emergency. Everything is under control, but I would 
like to be back on the Vanguard as soon as possible. You don't have to leave, 
but are you going to?"

"I will if you will, sir," Aliyah said.

Santos nodded. "Very good. Ceelak?"

"I'm with the two of you."

Santos nodded.

The trio stepped outside after Aliyah stopped to say farewell to the students. 
They raised their glasses as one student mocked pulling Aliyah's arm, "forcing" 
her to stay.

Santos put on his coat as they stepped into the sudden chill of the Southwest 
England evening. As he wrapped his muffling scarf, one of the students--the 
redhead--stepped outside and watched from the bushes. He went unnoticed.

As the star-shower transported Santos, Nostrova and Lopez-Fitzgerald back to 
the Vanguard, the redhead put a finger on his earlobe.

"Agent 2747"--he pronounced it "twenty-seven-forty-seven"--"to Brigadoon. 
Santos is returning to the Vanguard."

He nodded, listening to orders only he could hear, orders attuned to his neural 
pathways and occular implant.

"I copy that, Command." The man known as Agent 2747 turned and took a step. He 
seemed to disappear without any trace of a transporter whine.

[Agent 2747--and the Temporal Cold War--will soon be seen again in the 
Vanguard's Third Anniversary Mission. The details will soon be announced.]

Santos, Nostrova and Lopez-Fitzgerald arrived on the Vanguard with no knowledge 
of what had just transpired between Agent 2747 and Command.

Nostrova had returned to his male form by the time he stepped off the 
transporter platform.

"I do not usually consume such mass quantities of alcoholic beverages," he 
said. "If you'll excuse me...? Captain, Officer Lopez-Fitzgerald."

Santos nodded.

Ceelak Nostrova made a little bow and left.

"Hope you feel better tomorrow, Ceelak!" Aliyah said after him. Ceelak turned 
(as a woman again) and gave Aliyah a smile as the turbo-doors closed.

Santos and Aliyah left the transporter room. Challis [NPC], ever the picture of 
composure with her hands folded behind her back, looked at Santos.

"Thank you, Mr. Challis," Santos said.

Challis looked from Santos to Aliyah and raised her eyebrows at him.

Santos left, shaking his head and allowing a tiny grin.

On nightwatch, the Vanguard seemed to emit a quiet hum from everywhere. 
Actually, the ship emitted the hum constantly. A little quieter than, say, the 
massive components in a Galaxy- or Sovereign-class starship, the Vanguard's 
crew enjoyed a smaller, quieter ship.

With the daily din having died down, and with only sporadic crew members 
walking here and there, the Vanguard seemed to be a massive, abandoned city.

Santos and Aliyah said little as they approached the sickbay.

When they entered, they found Dr. Droin in her medical smock studying a PADD. 
The lights in Sickbay were set low to reflect the nightwatch.

Absolute stillness and cleanliness were the way of things in the patient 
examination area. Dr. Droin would have it no other way.

Dr. Droin saw Santos and Aliyah enter and put a finger to her lips to indicate 
she wished for them to be quiet.

"How is Ensign Vang?" Santos said as quietly as he could.

"Sleeping. I gave her something for the pain and to help her sleep."

"Is she going to be all right?" Aliyah asked.

"I think so," the Chief Medical Officer replied. "I hope so."

Santos nodded. There was nothing else to say, really.

"Keep me apprised, Doctor?" Santos said.

"I always do," the doctor said.

She went back to her PADD and turned toward the replicator for a coffee.

Santos had known Dr. Droin for years and frowned at her behavior. She seemed 

"Is there something going on, Xristha?" he asked. Aliyah looked at him, then at 
the doctor.


Santos took a better look at her. It was not like her to be so succinct, even 

"I'm fine, sir. Thank you."

Santos nodded.

"Thank you, Xristha. Sorry you had to cut your vacation short."

"It was at an end, anyway," she replied, a bit mysteriously.

Santos and Aliyah walked out of Dr. Droin's office.

"Wait," Aliyah said. She walked to the biobed and placed her hand on Ensign 

She took another look at Ensign Vang then rejoined Santos.

"It was something my parents always did when I was sick as a little girl--they 
would feel my pulse, the old-fashioned way. It always made me feel better."

Santos smiled and nodded.

"Do you know her?" Santos asked.

"Just a little bit from her work in Temporal Mechanics. She had questions for 
M.J. Valentine from time to time, and we'd bump into each other--'Hello' and 
'Have a good day' sort of things."

Santos nodded, and they left. He gave Dr. Droin another glance as he left 
Sickbay. She never looked up from her PADD.

Santos offered to walk Aliyah back to her quarters, and she accepted.

He wondered briefly what anyone would think if they were to see the captain 
walking with a senior officer to her quarters in the middle of the night, then 
decided he didn't care. After all, he hadn't done anything inappropriate.

When they arrived, they both stopped in front of the door. (Santos had only 
counted three crewmen: Crewman Billings, Lt. T'Vang and Sub-Specialist 

"Thank you for a very enjoyable evening, Nick," Aliyah said.

"My pleasure! Perhaps we can have dinner again sometime...er, all of us, that 

Aliyah grinned. She stood on her tiptoes and gave him a peck on the cheek.

"Good night," she said quietly, walking into her quarters.

Santos watched the turbo-doors close behind her.

When she didn't emerge again, he walked toward Stellar Cartography, intending 
to stop first in Engineering to check on McCaw and Kavan.
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