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Captain Dominic Santos
USS Tomonaga
After "Everywhere I Look..."

"Are you ready, Commander?" Capt. Santos asked Commander Soman Drath.

Soman Drath turned and looked at the quantum singularity. Xristha Droin
turned and winked at him.

"We're ready down in Engineering, sir," Soman replied with a grin
toward Dr. Droin.

Santos turned toward Vogel, who nodded at Highwaij and

"Ready," Vogel said, giving the captain a thumbs-up.

"Yes, sir," Zena Quetan replied from the Science console. Lt. Falcon
nodded at the Second Officer.

"Steady as she goes, commander," Santos told Mandrake, patting him on
the shoulder.

"Aye, sir...if you don't jolt my steering arm," Mandrake replied with a
cheeky grin.

"Looks good, sir," said Denville d'Angelo, sitting next to Mandrake at
the Tactical station.

Santos turned and walked toward Desdemona, Qbed, Chase and Jaav
E'thexx, standing at the rear of the Bridge.

"Apply the temporal patch," Santos said.

Next came a pause that seemed interminable.

Soman: "We're loading the patch into Tomonaga's systems now, sir."

Droin: "Captain, this is Dr. Droin. The Tomonaga hasn't responded
to...wait. Stand by."

Santos: "What's going on down there, Commander?"

Soman: "Captain, the stress levels on the bio-neural systems are rising
faster than we anticipated. If...wait. Stabilizing. No. We have an
overload on..."

Captain Dominic Santos started to order Soman to stop the process the
Vanguard's officers were applying to the bio-neural systems on the
Tomonaga to stop the Bragatoplyn from spreading throughout its
bio-neural systems, but before he could he

strolled back and forth in front of the nursery.

"Mister Santos?" a nurse asked Santos.

"That's me. How is she?" Santos asked.

"Come with me, please," the nurse said, smiling and turning toward the
hospital wing.

Santos followed the nurse. They entered Brooke's room.

Santos rushed to her side. Brooke slowly opened her eyes.

"Hi," she mouthed tiredly at Dominic.

"Hi you," Santos grinned back.

The nurse approached them with a bundle.

"I thought you might want to say hello to your daughter," she told

Santos cradled her and looked into her little red face.

"She's amazing," Santos told Brooke.

"Do you have a name picked out?" the nurse asked.

Dominic looked at Brooke.

"Corsica," Santos said. "We're going to name her Corsica Santos."

After the nurse left, Santos turned toward Brooke.

"Brooke Faith Koepling, will you marry me and make me the happiest man
in the galaxy?"

She leaned up for a kiss, which he obliged.

"Let me ask you something: Do you ever regret leaving Starfleet for
us?" Brooke asked.

"No," Santos said.

Brooke smiled. "Then, yes. Yes, I will marry you."

Santos leaned in to kiss her, still cradling Corsica.

Corsica started to fidget. She opened her mouth to cry and

said, "Did you decide what you're going to do about the Spring Formal?"

"I don't know, Cadet Silva. Maybe you have a sister?" Cadet Second
Class Dominic Cesar Santos asked Cadet Hernando "Henny" Silva.

Cadet Bonaparte Stamper laughed.

Silva turned on him. "You think that's funny? I heard you were the last
one without a date, Blown-Apart."

Stamper hated the nickname. "Psshaw. I'll take the one Dominic decides
not to take."

Silva looked at Santos. "Hey, how about that Liza? I noticed she was
making eyes at you last week down at that bar in the Mission District."

Santos made a face. "Maybe. I've heard the girl's nothing but trouble,

Silva grinned. "Hey, I heard they're more fun that way."

Santos laughed and turned

toward Capt. Amanda Miller.

"Nick, can I talk to you?" she said.

Santos turned away angrily.

She grabbed his arm. "Wait, dammit! No matter what's going on between
us, don't risk your life unnecessarily! You have nothing to prove!"

She knew instantly it was the wrong thing to say.

"Nothing to prove?" the Operations Manager barked. "I'm not proving a
damn thing, Mandy! Jeffries, T'Chel and Diego are in the Nexus, and I
intend to get them out."

Santos entered the Transporter Room with Capt. Miller in tow. It looked
bad, and the officers on the transporter platform and Cadet Ray noticed
their hasty entrance. Ray pretended to study his console.

Santos stepped up and nodded at Lt. Henry and Ensign Davies.

"Are the coordinates for inside the Nexus set? Then energize," Santos
said, looking back at Miller.

The transporter shimmered and all Santos saw was a bright light

shone into Santos's pupils.

"He's gone into some kind of arrest," Droin said. Soman Drath tried to
peer around her down at the captain.

"Doctor!" Jazz Falcon exclaimed. Falcon knelt by Zena Quetan, who had
collapsed, but not as suddenly as Santos. E'thexx was next to Quetan

Droin looked at Falcon and tossed her a hypo.

"Use that," she ordered. "That ought to stabilize her."

Denville d'Angelo ran a scientific tricorder across Santos's form.

"Commander, you better see this," d'Angelo said.

Soman looked from d'Angelo to the tricorder.

"Can this be right?" Soman asked.

"What is it? Or do I have to wait for the article in the Starfleet
Science Journal?" Droin asked testily.

"The captain's quantum signature is in a constant state of flux," Soman
replied. "It's like he's changing from one version of Dominic Santos to
another, an infinite number of alternate 'versions' of the captain."

Droin shook her head. "Didn't they both have some sort of experience in
the Nexus together? When we investigated the artificial one? I need to
get them back to the Vanguard. Signal Darkwater. Are we done here?"

Soman nodded and tapped his comm badge, just as he felt the cold steel
of a phaser pressed against the base of his neck.

He turned and came face to face with an older female Vulcan, a younger
Bolian male, and an African Terran, none of whom looked too happy to
see them.

"You have invaded our ship," the Vulcan female said emotionlessly.

"Where the hell did you come from?" Soman asked.

D'Angelo replied. "They suddenly appeared."

The Bolian chuckled. "That's right. And you're not supposed to be here.
You're not even supposed to know we exist."

The Terran trained a phaser rifle on them. "Put your weapons down. And
don't move."

"Very good, Major," the Vulcan said.

Soman stepped forward and the Starfleet Marine hit him across the face
with the butt of his rifle.

Droin stepped forward, only to be restrained by E'thexx, who shook his

"We need to get our captain and science officer back to our ship!"
Droin said.

The Vulcan turned as if the Chief Medical Officer hadn't even spoken
and said, "While we are...grateful that your intervention prevented the
Schroedinger Cascade Effect our Science Officer predicted, you are in
no position to bargain. Our officers have control of your officers. You
are outnumbered. Soon, we will have control of your ship. It is logical
to surrender."

"By the gods," Mandrake said, "you're the crew of the Tomonaga."

"Figured that one out for yourself, Sunshine?" the Bolian spat.

The Vulcan merely nodded. "Yes," she said, "and we're back."

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