[USS Vanguard] RPG: Meeting the Alorian

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Capt. Dominic Santos
Ceelak Nostrova
USS Vanguard - Captain's Ready Room

Ceelak Nostrova reached the captain's ready room with the help of a
crewman who kept admiring her legs. She thought this was actually quite
cute. He left her standing at the door, so Ceelak ran the chime.

Dominic Santos had just finished the carrot cake that Ens. Lopez had
brought when the chime rang. He checked his reflection in the glare
from the computer terminal on his desktop to make sure no stray crumbs
had found their way into his goatee.

When he felt confident about his appearance, he turned toward the door.
"Come in," he said.

The captain saw an Alorian female in civilian dress with greenish blond
hair and light blue skin.

"How do you do, Captain?" she said. "I am Ceelak Nostrova of Aloria. I
am reporting for duty as your exchange officer."

The captain stood and circled around his desk, brushing his hand
through his beard. "I wonder why these humans have so many nervous
traits?" Nostrova thought idly.

"You'll have to excuse me," he said by way of explanation. "I was just
eating something that a crewman brought me. I probably should have
known better. The last time a crewman brought me dessert, I was nearly

Ceelak both frowned and smiled, nodding at him. She had noticed this
facial expression helped humans express befuddlement.

He extended a hand and smiled warmly.

"Welcome aboard the Vanguard! I hope your tour aboard our ship will be
a long and rewarding one. Have the crew seen to everything you need?"
Santos straddled the side of his desk and gestured toward the nearest
chair. Nostrova sat down.

"Do pardon my lack of uniform," she said. "I have traveled a long
distance and in some areas a uniform is not welcome. I understand you
are to tell me what my duties will be. I am trained in security and

Santos nodded, toggling through his desktop computer.

Nostrova opened her mouth to speak, but Santos held up a hand in a
wait-one-moment gesture.

"Security and communications, eh?" he said. Nostrova started to reply
but then realized this must be what the humans called a "rhetorical
question." She deduced the captain must have been perusing her service
record and was merely musing aloud.

Santos pushed a button, and the computer screen snapped back to black.

"How are you in the temporal mechanics?" he asked.

"Sir?" she said with some surprise.

"Temporal paradoxes, theories of time travel--that sort of thing."

"I never gave it much thought," she replied flatly.

"We're actively looking for a Temporal Specialist," the captain said.
"We've been without one for some time. But if it's not your first love,
it's not your first love, and wishing won't make it so." He smiled.

"What an engaging smile," Nostrova thought. "This one must disarm many
human females who are not immune to his charm." Instead of voicing what
she thought, she merely smiled and nodded.

"At your first opportunity, please see Commander Soman. He'll have the
tailor [Didn't think we had a tailor? We do now. :) - Andy] take your
measurements and provide your uniforms. The first officer is also
temporarily in charge of the engineering staff. He'll let you know if
he can use you in temporal mechanics."

"But, sir, again, perhaps you'd find me more useful in a department for
which I'm better prepared..."

"It's only temporary," Santos said, shaking his head. "I'll speak to
Mister Vogel and see if he can use you in Security." The captain rose
to his full height, which, Nostrova noted, was not inconsiderable...for
a human.

"Unless there's anything else...?" he asked.

"No, sir. Thank you."

"No, thank you, Ceelak. I'll look forward to seeing you on duty

Nostrova rose, nodded at the captain and left the ready room.

Outside, she breathed out. She hated not having a purpose. And if the
crew of the Vanguard couldn't provide something to keep her mind
occupied, then perhaps she had to fall back on her primary mission of
reconnaissance for which she had been selected.

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