[USS Vanguard] RPG: Just a dream?

  • From: "Eric Soonius" <eric_soonius@xxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Mon, 13 Aug 2001 13:19:07 +0200

Rank:  LtJG Denville d'Angelo
Place: USS Vanguard
Time:  23:00 hours
After a hard days work Denville enters his quarters. The job
of intelligence officer was harder then he thought. Not only
analysing the intelligence data but also preparing all
away-missions. Preparing today's simple away-mission to a
small M-class planet drained his energy.

With a sigh of relief Denville falls on his bunk. The moment
he hits his pillow, he falls a sleep.

Tranquility. Total Darkness. Denville hovers in the black void,
his mind comes at ease. Relaxing pur sang.

Unnoticed Denville hears soft notices; he concentrates to
identify the notices. Horses, hammering on iron, playing kids.
Deville feels sun light and a soft breeze on his face.
Suddenly Denville feels pain. Someone hit or kicked him.
"Get up you lazy dog, your master is waiting for you!"
Denville opens his eyes and sees a medieval soldier standing
next to him. "Come on, the mage does not like waiting!"
Deville jumps on his feet and looks around. He slept in a
stable. The guard walks away, and Denville follows him to the
courtyard. A small castle with five towers forms the courtyard,
people are working, kids are playing.

Automatically Denville walks towards the big doors concealing the
hall of the main building. The large wooden doors are put ajar
so he can walk into the hall. A large fire burns, the light of
the fire illuminates the hall with a threatening atmosphere.

"So there are you. If you want to stay my apprentice you must
not come late. Now come on, I need herbs from the forrest."
A long bearded man in a embroidered robe walks to the courtyard.
"Sir", Denville says "I don't understand"
"You will boy, you will", the mage smiles and walks on.

The sound of his communicator blows through Denville's head.
No one else on the courtyard hears it.
Tranquility. Total Darkness. Denville hovers in the black void,
Suddenly he sits in his bed, the communicator still ringing.

I hope I did not interrupted the preparation of the upcoming
mission. Just wanted to post something.
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