[USS Vanguard] Re: RPG: Just a Talk with the Boss

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  • Date: Wed, 02 Apr 2003 14:48:32 -0500

Aliyah watched the captain leave and what Desdemona said to her earlier came to 
her mind ?Our last JAG officer was thrown across the room in a bar fight with a 
Nausicaan, attacked by living vegetables and once had to take a
shuttlecraft to rescue me.?

She shook her head and placed her barely touched drink on the table. She 
excused herself and walked out of the lounge. She was thinking of what to wear 
to the reception and "Nick" had not told her whether she was to wear a 
starfleet dress uniform. She took a deep breathe and walked into her office. 
She sat down at her desk and swerve her chair to face the window. This crewm, 
or the ones she had met so far were beyond weird. The JAG officer getting into 
a barfight.. A Q on board a starfleet vessel. She shook her head and got up. 
She began staring out the window as she remembered Dominic on the Binigham. He 
had a bad patch. A slump. He had deserved a second chance. At everything. She 
had pleaded with her superiors, even though she didn't know why she did it. 

She ran her hand through her hair and turned around, "Computer, Locate Captain 
Santos," the computer chimed then replied, "Captain Santos is currently in the 
counselor's office." Alyiah-Amores turned back to the window, "Computer deliver 
this message to Captain Santos, begin recording," the computer chimed, "Captain 
I would like to know what attire to dress in for the reception. send message." 
there was another chime, "Message sent."

Aliyah-Amores walked back to her desk and stared at her LCARS screen. A picture 
of Dominic Santos was on there along with his file from his previous ship with 
her as a crewmember. she sighed and called up the next name in the file.


Ensign Aliyah-Amores Lopez Fitzgerald

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