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Capt. Dominic Cesar Santos
USS Vanguard
Following Chris and Peter-Jan?s posts

The door chimed.

"Come in," Capt. Dominic Santos said.

The doors parted, revealing a young woman in a mustard temporal
division uniform.

Dominic Santos finished scanning his PADD and pressed a key, powering
it down.

He looked at Aliyah-Amores Lopez-Fitzgerald.

"Ensign Lopez-Fitzgerald reporting for duty." She stared ahead and
folded her hands behind her.

Dominic Santos rose from his chair.

"As you were. Please," Santos continued, "have a seat." He indicated a
chair in front of his desk.

Lopez-Fitzgerald pulled out the nearest chair and sat, without making a
sound. Santos approached the replicator.

"Orange juice, chilled, no pulp," he ordered. The beverage
materialized. "Would you care for anything?"

Lopez-Fitzerald shook her head and continued: "Captain, I'm here to
replace JAG Officer Kye. I'm prepared to begin, sir."

Santos smiled wanly. "I know why you're here. And I'm sure you'll prove
an able JAG officer. We'll be having a reception tonight. I hope you
can attend."

"Yes, sir. My pleasure."

"Call me Nick."


"Just call me Nick. Or Dominic. Everyone else does," Santos said,

He paused to let that sink in.

"Tell me a little of yourself."

"Well, on the Birmingham..."

Santos clucked his tongue and wagged his finger, cutting her off

"I don't mean your service record. Tell me something about YOU--what
you like to do in your spare time, your family, that sort of thing."

"Well...I like to dance."

"That's good," Santos said, nodding. "Our Chief Medical Officer, Dr.
Droin, is a ballroom dance aficionado. I believe she gives classes."

Lopez-Fitzgerald smiled.

"Sir... Nick, if this is about the Birmingham...? I feel that it is my
duty to inform the captain that whatever happened during your rescue,
that is a private matter that will remain with your physicians from the
Birmingham and myself. So far as I am concerned, you are my commanding
officer, and I have a duty to this ship and her crew."

Santos smiled and nodded. He said nothing else.

"Thank you, Ensign." He stood and offered his hand. "It was a pleasure
to meet you. I'll see you at the reception."

Lopez-Fitzgerald took his hand and shook. Santos noted she had a cool,
but firm, grip. Without saying another word, she left the captain's
ready room.

Santos sat down again and looked at his PADD. After a few minutes of
staring at the same line, he flicked the PADD onto his desk and stared
out into space.

[Later, the Event Horizon.]

Santos entered the lounge and looked around. He noted with some
surprise that it had already been decorated for the reception. It seems
like Desdemona has this down to a drill, he thought wryly.

Santos felt the urge to see his favorite lounge manager. He approached
the bar.

He found her behind the counter.

"Des..." he began, but was quickly shushed by the El-Aurian, who was
carefully measuring out droplets of a liquid into a drinking glass.

"Plutonian Grog," she said, as if by way of explanation. "The most
delicate drink in the galaxy. One glass will allow anyone to relive the
happiest moment in their life over and over for about two hours. But if
I'm off even one-one hundredth with any of the ingredients, it's
instantly a deadly poison. Do you want a sip?"

She looked up with a cheeky grin. Her face fell a little when she
noticed his.

"Let me put this up," she said. She poured the glass into the sink.

"How long did it take you to get that far?" Santos asked.

"It doesn't matter," she said, wiping her hands on her apron. "You look
like a man who's carrying a weight. Here, first round's on me."

Desdemona produced a glass bottle of something called Jose Cuervo. She
poured a small amount into a shot glass and placed it in front of

"To your health," Santos said, toasting her.

"And to yours," Desdemona replied. "Another?"

"Only if you have one," Santos said.

Des poured, they both drank and placed their empty glasses on the bar.

"Word has it we have a new JAG officer."

Santos chuckled. "How did you know?"

She smiled but shook her head. "You humans. You never listen. I told
you: 'Word has it...' Did I not just finish saying that?"

Santos laughed, feeling warmer from their drinks.

"Let me ask you something, Nick," Desdemona said, pouring another drink
from the Cuervo bottle. "Do you think she can do the job?"

Santos shook his head. "I have no doubt. She's capable and appears

?Oh! What a monster!" Des said, forming her hands into claws.

Santos smiled weakly.

"Let me share a cliché with you??

Before she could continue, there was an explosion behind Santos. Santos
ducked instinctively, and Des ducked behind the bar.

When the smoke cleared, Qbed stood in the Event Horizon, surrounded by
a Caribbean percussion ensemble.

?Boys??? Qbed said, and the band struck up a calypso beat. She wore a
flowery shirt, grass skirt, straw boater hat, and was adorned with
flower leis. The young female Q started to sway to the music.

?Well, hello, Vanguard! It?s a welcome back party for?ME!?

?Qbed!? Santos exclaimed.

At that point, Highwaij walked into the lounge, spotted Qbed, the
captain and Des, and stopped short.

Qbed continued to dance, turning herself around.

?Hello, Nicky! Where?s my main man, Sam? It?s been far too long since
I?ve seen him and we have some catching up to do.?

Santos looked at Des. Des looked at Santos.

?He?s taken a leave of absence,? Santos said.

?Stop the music,? Qbed barked at the calypso band. With a wave of her
hand, they disappeared.

?If you can do your?thing again, why did you come to the Event Horizon
rather than just pinpoint him?? Santos asked.

She rolled her eyes. ?If you mortals can talk face-to-face, why do you
need communicators? Or vice-versa??

?I don?t have a good answer for that,? Santos said.

?Well, that?s my answer, too. So, what do you mean, Sam?s taken a leave
of absence??

?He?s undergoing retraining at Starfleet Headquarters.?

Qbed?s face fell. ?Do you know what I had to go through to get back to
the Vanguard? Plenty, that?s what. Now, I want to see Sam!?

Santos opened his mouth to speak, but Desdemona beat him to it.

?Look, sweetheart, we don?t know where Sam is, capiche? If you want to
go look for him, go look for him, if you want to stay, then stay and
have a drink and a laugh with us, but calm down.?

Qbed?s eyes blazed. ?Uh-oh?? Santos thought. The thought of trying to
control the situation before it escalated occurred to Santos, but then
he remembered he was dealing with number one, a Q, and number two, an
ageless El-Aurian.

Qbed advanced on Des.

?Look?Des?de?mon?a.? The Q bit out each syllable, jabbing a finger into
Des?s shoulder. ?I don?t need you to tell me how to keep an eye on

?Well, it looks like you should.?

Qbed gasped. Before Santos could do or say anything else, Des leaped
over the bar and within seconds, she and the Q were rolling around on
the ground.

Santos stood out of the way and watched, stunned.

Highwaij came up next to Santos. ?Shouldn?t we do something??

Santos shook his head. ?I?m open to suggestion, Mr Highwaij.?

?I?m going to get Security,? Highwaij said, running out of the Event

By the time he returned with Lopez-Fitzgerald in tow, Santos, Qbed and
Desdemona were sitting at a table sipping on drinks and laughing. Qbed
was apparently telling a story.

??so the Vulcan said, ?Logically, I know I should return to my
domicile, but I cannot take my eyes off you.??

?He didn?t!? Des said.

Qbed nodded. ?You just need to liquor those people up, I?m telling

?Well, there?s one or two on this ship who could use a little infusion
of fun.?

Lopez-Fitzgerald surveyed the scene. Half the Event Horizon was a
shambles. The decorations were everywhere. Qbed and Desdemona looked as
if they had been through a monsoon.

The trio looked up and smiled.

?Captain, may I see you?? Lopez-Fitzgerald said.

?Certainly,? Santos said, rising.

Taunts of ?Ooohhh? from Qbed and Des followed Santos as he approached
the JAG Officer and Highwaij. Highwaij sat down with Qbed and Des.

?From what I?ve gathered from Mister Highwaij, the Q is not a member of
this crew, and Desdemona is a civilian aboard this ship.?

Santos bopped his head from side to side. ?For the most part, that?s

?Because this is a civilian matter, I don?t see the need to pursue this
beyond a SEVERE warning.?

?That?s all right. Desdemona usually runs a tight ship, but she has
a?thing about the Q.?

Lopez-Fitzgerald nodded, taking one last look at the Event Horizon.

Santos smiled and gave her a ?What the hell?? kind of look.

Lopez-Fitzgerald waited. To be dismissed, apparently.

?I?ll take it from here. Carry on.?

Lopez-Fitzgerald turned toward the bar and poured herself a drink.
Desdemona thought of saying something, but left it alone.

Santos got up and took the JAG officer?s elbow. ?Come join us,? he said

With some reluctance, she joined Santos, Highwaij, Qbed and Desdemona.

?So you?re the new JAG Officer?? Des asked her.

Lopez-Fitzgerald nodded.

?Do you know what you?re in for??

The JAG officer smiled enigmatically.

?Our last JAG officer was thrown across the room in a bar fight with a
Nausicaan, attacked by living vegetables and once had to take a
shuttlecraft to rescue me.?

?Or was it me?? Qbed asked. She turned to Lopez-Fitzgerald. ?We were

?At the same time,? Desdemona said.

?By different parties,? Qbed added, helpfully.

?What are we going to do about this place?? Santos asked no one in
particular. ?The reception is in two hours.?

Without missing a beat, Qbed snapped her fingers and the lounge
returned to the state it was in before the ?disagreement.?

Santos drained his drink and turned the glass over on the table.

?I have an appointment to keep,? he told them.

?Oh, come on, stay. One more,? Des said.

?I?ll see you at the party,? Santos said, strolling out of Event
Horizon and heading for the counselor?s office.


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