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Lt Sam McCaw
After "Just One I guess"


Craig listened as Dr. Droin explained the transporter problem.  Craig took
it as an excuse to leave.

"Sir, if you'll excuse me I'll hop on a ground-based terminal and head back
to the Vanguard.  I'll get a repair crew on the transporters right away."

Captain Santos' nod was all Craig needed.


Sam had heard the information on the transporter's and now had a slightly
concerned look on his face. "Cheif! Wait up, I think I better come with you.
I can't negelect my duties for a glass of ale no matter how tasty it is."
Sam gave the barman a friendly wave and headed out after the Vanguard's
Chief Petty Officer muttering to himself "Never thought I'd hear myself say

--- Onboard the Vanguard ---

As Sam and Craig materialised in Engineering the CPO looked distinctly
uncomfortable. Sam was concerned: "You ok chief?". Craig composed himself
with the lightning speed of a military man "Just fine, thankyou".
"Ok then, I'm going for a chat with the Doctor as to exactly what's wrong,
so if you're sorting out some repair crews can you get them to forward their
results to me?"

Craig nodded and the pair set off in opposite directions.

On the way to sickbay Sam passed MJ Valentine's room and paused briefly
thinking "Is now the time to pop in and offer a bit of an explaination for
that Klinzai data?"

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