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  • Date: Mon, 23 Feb 2004 22:51:28 -0800 (PST)

Fox & Hound Pub
Chief Craig Kavan
"How many officers does it take to dance with an Alorian?" she asked

There was no immediate reply.

"Two," she said. "One of each sex. Now which one of you gentlemen is going
to teach me how to dance? I hear some music playing in the background and
there seems to be a small dance floor over there."

She looked at both men. "I promise to remain as I am," she added.
Craig put his coffee cup down on the table and stood up.  Offering his hand to 
Ceelak he said, "It just takes one young lady.. er.. I mean..." 
Ceelak lauged at Craig's obvious discomfort.  "'Young lady' is just fine 
Chief."  She said as Craig led her to the dance floor.  She'd managed to 
emphasize the word "young."  Either he really was getting old or she was just 
making light of his uncertanty at what to call her/him.
"I'm sorry Ceelak.  I've never served with a sex-shifting species before."
She smiled at him again.  "Oh, I thought it was the age difference that made 
you uncomfortable."  She didn't hide the sarcasm, but it seemed light-hearted 
at least.  He almost thought she was flirting with him.
One thing that Craig had been good at was dancing.  He could waltz, swing, 
two-step...  His wife had been a dance instructor in her native Hawaii when 
they met and she'd insisted that he learn.  
The band was a small group of musicians equiped with a fiddle, a guitar, and 
various other instruments.  They seemed to specialize in up-beat tunes and they 
began to play a fast song that had the pairs of dancers whirling around the 
pub's dance floor.  Craig noticed that Ceelak was a fast study as she had no 
problem keeping up.  She only got behind once or twice but quicly caught on to 
what Craig was doing with his feet as he led her around the dance floor, 
dodging the other couples.
When the song ended Craig was tired.  Sweat beaded on his forehead from the 
fast paced dance steps.  He felt a little better when Ceelak wiped some sweat 
from her face also.  Maybe it was just hot in the pub.  There were plenty of 
people in the bar, and growing by the minute.  Ceelak was laughing and her 
enjoyment was contagious and soon Craig found himself laughing and twirling 
around the dance floor as the band began playing another fast song.
After a good thirty or forty minutes of dancing, Ceelak and Craig returned to 
the table and Craig asked a waiter for an ice tea as he sat down.  
"Where did you learn to dance Chief?"  Ceelak asked as they sat down.
Craig took a drink of his tea and answered, "My wife was a dance instructor.  
Everyone in her family could dance and she made me learn.  It helped bridge the 
gap between us."
"What do you mean?  Did they not like you?"
"Nope, her father couldn't stand me.  He was a farmer and didn't want his only 
daughter marrying a crewman on a Starship.  He said we were too young and when 
we ran off and got married without his blessing he really didn't like me."
"I can imagine."  Captain Santos had joined the conversation and Craig noticed 
that everyone at the table was listening now.
"Anyway," Craig continued.  "When Kelly called him and told him that we'd 
gotten married he told us that he never wanted to see her again.  Of course 
Kelly's mom didn't feel the same way but her father was always cold to us."
"Did they ever patch things up?"  Ceelak again.
"Eventually.  But he never did like me.  Said I 'stole' his daughter.  He 
didn't say two words to me until the night my daugter was born.  It's funny how 
a grandchild can soften a man's heart.  He STILL didn't like me, but he 
tolerated me so he could see Arwen.  To this day Arwen doesn't understand why 
we don't get along.  When Kelly died, well, that was the end of any contact I 
had with Kelly's family.  Though Arwen still speaks to them often."
Craig could see on everyone's face that his tale of woe had killed the mood 
somewhat, and talking abour Kelly always depressed him.  He was about to excuse 
himself back to the Vanguard when Captain Santos' communicator chirped at him.
Craig listened as Dr. Droin explained the transporter problem.  Craig took it 
as an excuse to leave.
"Sir, if you'll excuse me I'll hop on a ground-based terminal and head back to 
the Vanguard.  I'll get a repair crew on the transporters right away."
Captain Santos' nod was all Craig needed.
Craig Kavan
Chief Petty Officer
USS Vanguard

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