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****Desdemona Barrett-Brown****
*****Event Horizon Lounge******
*After "Meet Capt.Trevor Elis"*

Two gleaming copper cylinders connected by a massive
coil of wire and hose towered above one end of the bar
inside the Vanguard lounge, known to the crew as the
Event Horizon.

Desdemona, the proprietor of the place, ministered
with great care the antiquated machine, frequently
muttering obscenities in various languages, few of
which were recognizable to the lounge?s scattered

?Des, what is that thing??

She looked up, confused for a moment by the lack of a
body to accompany the voice.  Peering around the
machine?s towering kettles, her eyes met happily with
Soman Drath.

She let out a little ?harrumph? of a sigh as she
placed her tools?each as foreign as the machine
itself?back in their box.

?This,? she said, resting her arm across the machine
as if draping it over the shoulder of an old friend,
?Is my La Marzzocco espresso machine, from Italy circa

Soman?s blank expression summed up Des? very reasoning
for going through all the trouble of having the
machine imported.  Replicators were great, replicators
were good, replicators created reasonable facsimiles
of food, but when it came to the subtle artistry of
cuisine, replicators fell drastically short. 
Especially, Des had noticed, when it came to

?This machine,? she continued, ?is one of maybe a
dozen in existence, and probably less than half that
in working order.?

?If it?s in working order?? Soman?s gaze shifted to
the odd assortment of primitive tools in Des? toolbox.

?I?m fine-tuning it.?  She winked, wiping her hands on
a bar towel.  ?What can I get for you??

?Surprise me.?  Soman?s tone held little enthusiasm as
he slid into a seat.

?Speaking of surprises,? Des said with that trademark
playful gleam in her eyes, ?How was the inspection

As she poured milk into a pitcher and placed it under
a steel wand protruding from one of the copper
kettles, Soman recounted the events of Trevor Elis?
arrival.  She listened with a sort of amused
compassion, another classic ?Des? expression.  Even as
he related to her his unease, he felt it lifting

?I don?t know,? he said finally, as Des was putting
the finishing touches on his drink, ?I guess I
expected a few questions to be answered with his
arrival, and all he?s done so far is raised further

Des nodded; her expression vaguely sympathetic before
breaking into a wide grin.  With a flourish, she
presented a small cup of rich, dark coffee capped with
feather-light foam.

?Viola; Cappuccino!?

Soman sniffed he cup suspiciously, and took a cautious

?Delicious!? he exclaimed, taking a more generous sip
and allowing it to linger on his tongue before
swallowing.  ?Alright,? he said, placing the cup in
its tiny saucer and smiling up at his hostess, ?So
what is it, Des?  This is what, a metaphor for not
prejudging the new Captain?  Like because something is
strange and unorthodox doesn?t mean it?s going to
necessarily turn out badly??

?Actually,? Desdemona said with a shrug, ?I just
really like making coffee.?


OoC:  Howdy folks.  Long time, no write. ;)

Out of curiosity, is anyone else planning on
participating in NaNoWriMo this year?

http://www.nanowrimo.org has all the details.

Keep on keepin' on,

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