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OoC: Sorry for the late post. The good news is that I've found a job!
You're all emailing with the newest computer technical consultant in
the tech game. :-) But the bad news is that I didn't post when I said I
would. I'm hoping that won't happen again, and I'll try to find a way
to make sure it doesn't, now that I have a source of income and things
have calmed down.

Enjoy the post. Hope it's not TOO much of a jump. You'll have to
decide. Oh, and anyone who hasn't posted this mission and hasn't
emailed me during the game to tell me why, can you please just send a
little one to let me know you're still out there and receiving the
emails? Thanks.

Finally, more good news: We have a candidate to fill our last unfilled
officer's position. Chris, Mel and I will be looking over our A&A
Officer's application in the near future.




Sir Dominick de Santos
The King's Head Tavern
After all recent posts

Dominick de Santos, Samuel McCaw, Cynan Mandrake and Den D'Angelo
arrived in the next town. It was a typical town, the kind the knights
had seen a hundred times in their campaigns.

"Sir Knight," McCaw said, trying to emulate the language of the period.
"Now that we have arrived, what is our next step?"

De Santos gazed at the town. "We find the largest tavern in town."

D'Angelo guffawed.

"For it is there that the most travelers have passed and the most
information exchanged. We need to find these fellow travelers of whom
the Lady of Vaughn Guard speaks."

De Santos looked down the street and noticed a girl approaching. She
was carrying a basket of goods, as if she had just come from the

"Fair lady," De Santos began, bowing low, "where can four lowly
pilgrims find repast and comfort in this fine town?"

She giggled. D'Angelo looked at McCaw behind De Santos's back and
rolled his eyes.

"Good knight, one does not think you are at all lowly. But if you must,
try the King's Head Tavern. The fowl is agreeable and the beds are
soft." She added: "Almost as soft as mine."

McCaw made a low noise in his throat, and De Santos turned, looking
daggers at him. She gave them directions.

"I thank thee most kind, fair maiden," De Santos bowed again.

The three knights continued to the King's Head. It was bigger than De
Santos expected. They walked in and were met with the smell of food and
raucous laughter. They were surprised to see the town's gentry drinking
with beggars, churchmen with women of "loose virtue."

"My kind of tavern!" De Santos said. "Find somewhere to sit, and I'll
buy you all some ale."

"And some food," Mandrake said. "We haven't eaten today."

"Very well, some food," De Santos said.

He approached the bar. The other three found a corner of the tavern,
the seats quickly vacated by five masons who looked at their swords and
their countenances and took them to be brigands.

De Santos returned, and McCaw almost choked when he saw the woman De
Santos had alongside him. Her hair and pallor were nearly snow-white,
and she wore a simple long dress.

"Xristha!" McCaw exclaimed, then caught himself.

"Good knight, how did you know my name?" the Vanguard's doctor asked,
cocking an eyebrow at him.

The other men turned to stare at him.

"Ah," McCaw stuttered, "for it is no secret in this area of the world
the reputation of Xristha Droin, madam."

"Hmph," she sniffed. "I shall have to do better to mask my comings and

Cynan stared at De Santos's neck. "Sir Knight, the amulet..."

The amulet was glowing a fierce red, as if ready to erupt.

"I know," De Santos said, "it glowed like this when I approached the
bar, where I encountered this woman. It...sang to me. Laugh if you feel
you must, but it did."

"I would not laugh," Mandrake said. "I have seen many things. You see
many things when others forget you are there, and are liberated to
voice their innermost thoughts, or perform their most secretive

"So what is the nature of your quests?" Xristha asked.

Before they had a chance to answer, the door burst open. A large man, a
captain of the guards, by his appearance, had two youths, one in each
hand, and was shoving them toward the barman.

"Angus!" he yelled. "Angus! Where is the sheriff? These two
ne'er-do-wells were apprehended trying to rob M'Lady at the castle!"

De Santos turned, amused. He would have dismissed this little episode
as another town problem, but his amulet began to glow again. And sing.
He listened to the whispers, and he was drawn to their Song. It was the
Song of the Thousand. Of a million voices, all raised as One Voice. But
he couldn't tell if they were laughing. Or screaming. Or taunting.

He shook himself awake and approached the Man-At-Arms.

"Hold, good sir, I am a knight, and in the absence of the sheriff, I am
the law. What is your issue with these two youths?"

"Sir, they tried to rob my masters!"

"Hand them to me, and I will deliver them to the local magistrate in
the next large town I come across."

"Aye, sir," the Man-At-Arms said, reluctantly handing them over. He
shoved them roughly, and gave Dellan a good smack behind the ears as a

"Keep an eye on them. Very pert, they are."

"I will endeavor to keep that in mind," De Santos said. "And I thank
you for your vigilance."

Just as he began marching the pair over to his now-growing party, the
door burst open again.

De Santos's eyes went wide. "Soman!"

Sir Soman Drath turned to look at him. "You."

De Santos shoved the thieves out of the way and the two men drew their
swords. What happened next was a blur.

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