[USS Vanguard] RPG: Introductions, Promotions, Hot Chocolate and a...Food Fight

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[From Kris, ?Ensign Lopez-Fitzgerald?]

Then she saw the captain, she got off her chair and walked over to him.
He was in a conversation with an ensign. She cleared her throat behind

"Hello captain."

[From Andy, ?Capt. Santos?]

"Ensign," Santos nodded back at Lopez-Fitzgerald. "Have they given you
the ten-cent tour?"

"The 'ten-cent tour,' sir?" she asked, cocking an eyebrow.

"I can see they haven't." Santos placed his empty glass on the tray of
a passing waiter. "I tell you what--come by my ready room in the
morning, we?ll have breakfast and take a short tour of the ship."

Lopez-Fitzgerald nodded. "That sounds very good, sir. Thank you."

Santos picked up another glass from a passing waitress. "I told you:
Call me Nick."

Capt. Santos nodded at the JAG Officer, smiled and saw that Jaav
E'thexx was trying to catch his eye.

Lopez-Fitzgerald watched him leave and shook her head. She was
beginning to wonder what she had gotten herself into.

[Excerpt from Jonathon, ?Counselor Jaav E?thexx?]

"I don't like it.  It freaks me out.  I'll never trust a hologram that
knows more about psycho-spiritual development than I do,"

"Do I detect a note of jealousy Mr.  E'thexx?  Or maybe an underlying
irrational fear perhaps?"  Santos couldn't help but laugh a little.  It
wasn't often he got to see Jaav fall short of his cool calm composure. 
Now feeling a little sympathetic, maybe even a tad guilty, Santos leapt
at the chance to change the subject.  

[From Andy, ?Capt. Santos?]

Just as Santos was about to ask the Counselor about the new additions
to his office, Desdemona waved at Santos wildly, trying to catch his

She mouthed "You wanted to say a few words now?" over the din of the

Santos nodded and made his way toward Desdemona.

Applause followed Santos as he ascended the podium.

"I'll make this brief so you can get back to your merriment. First, I?d
like you help me welcome two additions to our family, senior officers
both. Jazz Falcon and Aliyah-Amores Lopez-Fitzgerald, will you join me,

The two women walked up and stood next to Santos.

?Lieutenant Falcon is a last-minute addition who will be taking
Lieutenant Khan?s place as exo-biologist. Ensign Lopez-Fitzgerald will
be our new JAG Officer, taking the spot vacated by Dellan Kye. Please
show them every courtesy you showed their predecessors, make their
transition a warm one, and give them any assistance they may need.?

Much applause for Falcon and Lopez-Fitzgerald.

?Thank you both,? Santos smiled. They stepped down.

?And now I'd like to single out three officers for recognition today.
They're all taking that big step toward a rank of lieutenant commander,
so show your appreciation for: Cynan Mandrake, Jaav E'thexx and Kieran
Darkwater. Will you step forward, please?"

With some surprise, they eventually did. Applause followed them up to
the podium.

?Gentlemen,? Santos said, pinning their new rank pips to their collars,
?for duty above and beyond to this crew and ship, for bravery in the
face of adversity, for setting an example for your fellow crew members,
I award you each the rank of lieutenant commander. And if I?m not
careful, I?ll be saluting each of you soon. I present to you Lieutenant
Commander Cynan Mandrake, Lieutenant Commander Jaav E?thexx, and
Lieutenant Commander Kieran Darkwater!?

Applause rang out. Each shook Santos?s hand and stepped down. Mandrake
and Kieran together, to get their drinks, and Jaav E?thexx with a
surprised look on his face back to Zena Quetan, who gave him a smile
and a thumbs-up.

Santos waited until the crowd settled, then he exclaimed: ?And may I
see Soman Drath here for a very special announcement??

Soman Drath was passed from hand-to-hand (starting with a shove from
Xristha Droin, who could guess what this was about), until he was next
to Santos.

?Ladies, gentlemen, transgendered beings: I present to you one of the
finest officers I have ever known and the secret of why this ship works
so well. Soman Drath helped take the reins at a particularly difficult
time in our history. Not only did he meet our expectations, he
exceeded, then shattered, every one of them. I am proud to call him not
only the executive officer of this vessel, but also my friend.?

Soman Drath reddened noticeably, and Santos pretended not to notice,
reaching behind him for a velvet box.

Santos presented Soman with the box.

?Soman Drath,? he began, ?will you marry me??

There was much laughter at this, including from Soman. Santos grinned,
knowing this lightened the mood considerably. Then, he went in for the

?Soman Drath, for duty to this vessel and its crew and for exceeding
all expectations put upon you, for setting an excellent example every
day, for your bravery, honor and decency, I present to you the rank of
commander, with all rights and privileges thereof. Ladies and
gentlemen, Commander Soman Drath!?

Cmdr. Soman Drath turned to face the audience and nodded his thanks.
There was applause for Soman, who folded his hands behind his back and

Unfortunately, the promotion ceremony was the last bit of decorum.
After that, things turned a little?wild.

Soman Drath stepped down toward Xristha.

Zena Quetan watched as Desdemona chatted with the engineer in the sound
booth. Both women shook their heads, and Zena grinned, getting an idea.

?Be right back,? she said, giving Jaav a peck on the cheek.

Jaav?s eyes went wide, and he rubbed the side of his face. Roch Chase
caught this, and remarked to the Counselor. ?Hey, better a kiss on the
face than a fist in the mouth. Trust me.?

The Second Officer made her way toward Des and the music engineer.

?How about some Hot Chocolate?? Zena asked Des. ?And I don?t mean the

Des caught on and grinned, turning to the engineer.

Suddenly, a heavy bass beat followed by a wa-wa guitar filled the Event
Horizon. [It?s the song better known by its lyrics ?I believe in
miracles, you sexy thing,? which, incidentally, I thought was fitting
since I reintroduced the meditation suite. ;) ]

Jaav E?thexx watched as Zena swayed to the beat of the music, snaking
her arms toward him. He grinned, but reddened a little.

Zena pulled Jaav out of his seat and took him toward the dancefloor.
They were joined by more couples, whose dancing would most likely not
be shown in any Starfleet film to parents of prospective cadets.

Even Qbed got in the act, appearing next to Santos.

?I love to dance! And since Sam isn?t here, you?ll have to do, Nicky!?

Santos laughed and spun her around the dancefloor, but the song ended

?Hot Chocolate? was followed by the ?chicken dance? and then a conga
line. Santos wasn?t sure, but he thought Xristha Droin started that

Much later in the evening, when synthehol (and its genuine counterpart)
had been consumed in mass quantities, Desdemona, Zena Quetan, and
Xristha Droin surrounded Soman Drath. Xristha carried a cake with
candles on it.

Zena said, ?I heard we forgot your birthday, Soman.?

?Oh, really, this isn?t necessary,? Soman said.

?Yes, it is,? Des winked at the other two.

?Make a wish!? Xristha said.

Soman closed his eyes, smiled and blew out the candles.

Des took the candles out, and said, ?I hope it comes true.?

Xristha took the cake and pressed Soman?s face into it.

?All right, that?s it,? Soman said, standing up, wiping cake off his

He took a handful of cake and smeared it into Xristha?s hair. Then he
took a handful and pressed it into Des and Zena?s faces, one with each

?Uh-oh,? Santos said.

Food started to fly around the Event Horizon, as people made a grab for
what was left in the buffet. Santos watched as a bit of key lime pie
hit LtJG. Rhyme, standing in front him.

?Discipline was definitely becoming a problem,? he thought, as a bit of
turkey tarragon hit him on the side of the face.

Santos spun, picked up the mashed potatoes on his plate and fired back,
hitting E?thexx (who had not been responsible for the turkey).

This threw off Jaav?s aim, and instead of hitting Mandrake, he hit Roch
Chase, who turned and stared.

?Uh, sorry,? E?thexx said.

Chase nodded back, just as a bit of tuna salad splattered his tunic.

Xristha Droin took aim and got most of her green beans on Desdemona.
Desdemona threw bits of soufflé at Jazz Falcon. Darkwater ducked his
head and pretended to stay out of it, just as a kidney pie came
whizzing by and bounced off the top of his head.

Soman Drath turned and fired, getting most of a plate of peas on Qbed.
Qbed looked horrified, cocked her arm back and while looking at Soman,
threw a handful of pineapple at Santos, who caught it on his tunic.

Event Horizon Lounge turned into utter chaos.

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