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OoC: I'm sending the following post on behalf of Amelia. We're planning
to reveal more about Nick and Leah's shared past. I'm also planning to
expand on Mel's "About Last Night," hopefully incorporating Sean, Mark
and Steve's posts. We have an upcoming mission into the Old West, but
Mel's post was so much fun--and all recent posts have been so
well-written--that I couldn't pass up this opportunity for character

Starbase Brigadoon
Concurrent/Prior to all current Brigadoon posts


Leah felt the sun high above her.  She was warm and sleepy.  The wind
was softly blowing across her body and her arm was tingly from using
it as her pillow.  As sleep began to recede the thoughts came flowing
back...the University, Santos, the letter.  Just a few more moments,
considered as she pushed them all away, this felt so nice, curled up
and napping in a meadow.  She squirmed a little and felt herself
drifting off again.


Her eyes snapped open.

"Santos!" she thought, "so it wasn't a dream.  I really did get that
letter, and now I'm?where AM I?"

Leah pushed up on her side and looked around.  No, there she was, in
the middle of an alpine meadow and it was desperately lonely and
beautiful.  But then, where had that voice come from?

At that moment a door 50 feet away opened and Santos and four other
officers stepped through.

"Ah," Leah realized, "I'm on a 'holodeck,' I've heard of them but
never thought I would fall victim to that old trick!"

Leah scrambled to her feet.  She was surprised to be dressed in a
purple accented Starfleet uniform.  What had happened in the last two
days, she really wasn't sure.


[48 hours ago.]

Two days ago, she had been sitting in her office at the University of
Pangea when an urgent package had arrived.  Actually, it was the
second urgent package of the day.  The first had been sitting on her
desk in the morning and had contained a cursory letter about her
recent research and publications in her field, philososcience, and
informed her that the University would not be in need of her services
after the term.

Leah had not been surprised.  Her recent turn towards Hegel and Rorty
and other philosophers from the prior millennia had not been a
professionally sound move.  Academia had long ago given up the beliefs
in metaphysics and ambiguity that these thinkers strove for.  Since
the development of warp drive, philosophy had been marginalized until
now it would be unrecognizable to men like the ones she had been
studying.  However, she didn't care, something in these old texts
truly "spoke" to her and the more she listened, the more she came to
see the importance of these thoughts for all sentient life forms.

The second package had been a letter from Starfleet asking her to join
a ship, the Vanguard, which was exploring deep space and having
encounters with the Borg.  They wanted her to accompany the ship as an
"observer," studying not only the philososciences of the alien life
forms they came in contact with but the crew of the Vanguard as well,
and make a report about the interactions thereof.

The timing was strange, but, Leah figured, any plausible machination
would be made by those powerful enough to make a more subtle bid for
her time.  She blew the coincidence off, and then she had that dream?

She was in Santos' quarters.  They were talking about him, about his
destiny.  Just as they used to do when they were in the Nexus. It was
like a culmination of all those late night discussions, but it was
more real than even the memories of what had actually happened when
they were young together, it was like she was actually there.

A quick check of the known ships and ships captains in Starfleet had
revealed another strange coincidence, Santos was the captain of the
Vanguard, where she was being asked to take this assignment.  Her head
spun all day and she went home to sleep.

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