[USS Vanguard] RPG: In the middle of Nowhere

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OOC: Sorry I haven't been around much, guys. As a university student, the 
summer is paradoxically the busiest time of the year, what with my summer 
job giving me many, but also irregular, hours. Anyway, I shall be making an 
effort to post more often when I get the proper time to sit down and write 
something of substance.



"I've never known the captain to play a joke. Not like this. This looks
like it could make your extremities fall off."

Shar and McCaw watched Santos and E'thexx walk by quickly.

"Where's the fire?" Shar asked.

E'thexx glanced at him and shrugged.

Shar and McCaw left their meals behind and followed Santos and E'thexx.


"Mister Miller, a pleasure. I look forward to working with you on
board," Santos told Miller.

"Thank you, sir.I mean 'Nick.'"

Santos turned away from the small group, leaving Luke in the capable hands 
of Zena, Shar, McCaw and Jaav.

    "So, Luke," Shar started with a grin "I assume you've heard the one 
about the guy who spent his whole life building a time machine to see what 
his life would be like when he died?"

    "Yeah, he got there, watched himself die, and then the legal system of 
the day passed all the debts he'd spent his lifetime accruing plus the 
decades of interest to build the machine onto him, forcing him to sell the 
time machine to pay them off," Luke finished. Shar and him looked at 
eachother and both said "Proving that, unfortunately, the creditors of this 
time manage to breed and still exist in the future, and will still stop at 
nothing to screw you if you don't pay up," Everyone in the group chuckled.

    "So, Luke, why don't you tell us about yourself a little while we get 
some drinks?" Zena said, motioning them all over to a table.

    "Excellent," Shar said "Sam and I just avoided eating something that 
looked like it could have eaten me from the inside out, so I'm up for some 
food too,"

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