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As the shuttlecraft approached the planet?s surface,
Trevor Elis felt his heart flutter in anticipation. 
How weird and exciting to meet ones own decedents. 
Never had he imagined that waiting for him on an alien
world  would be something so strange and yet familiar
as the children and grandchildren he would one day

Beside him, Desdemona was silently gazing out the
window, her emotions a mystery to him behind her cool
brown eyes..  She was fidgeting with her two wedding
bands which she wore on a gold chain round her neck. 
It was a distracted gesture he doubted she was aware
of making, and he wondered not for the first time what
was bothering her.

She had almost declined?practically refused, in
fact?to join him on the planet.  She would not explain
why, except to give him short, cryptic answers to his
questions.  ?I just don?t think you?re going to like
what you find down there,? she had said.  He had asked
her if there was any danger.  ?Not the way you?re
thinking,? she had said, sighing a deep disconsolate
sigh that he, Elis, had been hearing from her more and
more lately.  It reminded him?as if he had any trouble
remembering?of the great chasm of age between them. 
As if the years themselves could somehow be an
obstacle to their union.  Apparently Des seemed to
think so, thought Elis, sighing himself.

The ship landed and they disembarked.  Around them,
various crew members were being embraced by young
people with startling physical similarities to

As soon as his eyes met with what he had been
half-hoping to see, he realized he wasn?t at all ready
for it.  His knees buckled, and he dropped down, eye
level to the little boy who had been staring up at


The little boy laughed.  ?No!  That?s Daddy?s name! 
My name is Steven.?

?After my father,? said a tall blonde woman, standing
a few feet away.  ?Steven, this is your grandpa Elis.?

The little boy clapped his hands gleefully and then
wrapped his arms around Trevor?s neck, hugging him
tightly.  Elis looked up at the boy?s mother, ?He
looks just like--?  he choked up, tears brimming in
his eyes.

?I know,? the woman said gently, ?You told me once. 
Would you like to come home and meet the rest of the

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