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Lt. Sam McCaw
USS Vanguard, approaching earth
After Home and Away

Sam came out of Engineering a happy man, Earth would be a great opportunity
in terms of maintainance: he could pick up a lot of spares and new
components for the engines. Also he was looking forward to seeing his Father
who would be retiring from the Diplomatic corps this year, not to mention
the fact that a few of his academy friends were still about on earth. With
his head full of these pleasant thoughts Sam barely noticed Lt Nostrova
until he was quite close by.

"Sam! I trust you are looking forward to visiting earth?"

Sam was puzzled for a minute, then clicked "Oh! Ceelak, yeah... sorry I
still find you a little confusing, forgive me. I'm very pleased, I haven't
been back to Earth since I left the academy... boy I hope they've forgiven
me! What are you doing ? Have you ever been to Earth before?"

Ceelak shook his head "No, I am pleased at the chance to visit."

Sam grinned mischievously, "Never been to Earth? You should let me show you
the sights!" He slung his arm around Ceelak's shoulder, "Mickeys in New
Jersey, the Eagle and Child in England, the King Edward's in Old Lyon..."

Ceelak looked sceptical "Are these all drinking houses?"

Sam feigned a hurt look, "Certainly not! These are great centers of culture
is what they are... Get in touch before we go planet side and I'll taek you
out, we  can crash at my Dad's."

With that Sam was off down the corridor with a spring in his step.

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