[USS Vanguard] RPG: Hello/Goodbye (Part I)

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Capt. Dominic Santos
USS Vanguard
Sometime after Chris's "Quiet Before..."

Elizabeth Merchant stood next to the entrance to the transporter room.

She tried not to look down the corridor as if she were waiting for
someone. It seemed so?weak.

Finally, someone did appear, but it wasn?t who she expected.

Dr. Xristha Droin, the USS Vanguard?s Chief Medical Officer, appeared
in her medical gown.

?Hello, Elizabeth.?

?Doctor,? Merchant said.

?I?m sorry, but Nick couldn?t make it. He asked me to see you off and
to extend our gratitude.?

Merchant thought of something to say, then thought better of it. She
sighed quietly. She was so tired, and she didn?t want to butt heads
with Capt. Dominic Santos anymore.

Merchant nodded, resigned, and Droin gestured at the transporter room
in an ?after-you? wave.

Merchant entered the transporter room, where Yeoman Challis [NPC]
looked up and smiled at both Droin and Merchant. Droin nodded back.

Before she ascended the steps, she paused and closed her eyes, placing
her hand over her stomach.

Droin was next to her instantly, placing a hand on Elizabeth?s

?Are you all right??

When Merchant didn?t answer, Droin produced her medical tricorder like
a gunslinger from the Ancient West.

Before Droin had a chance to scan her, Merchant knocked the tricorder

Droin?s blood was up?not only had Merchant been rude to her when she
showed personal concern, but now she had struck the doctor. It really
was too much.

Merchant seemed to sense this and naturally knew when she had gone too

?I?m sorry, Doctor. I haven?t been feeling like myself the last couple
of days.?

?Maybe you should delay leaving until I?ve had a chance to give you a
medical exam,? Droin said.

?No, I think I?ll be on my way. Give Nick my?best, would you??

Without waiting for an answer, Elizabeth Merchant ascended the
transporter platform and looked at Challis.

?Energize,? she told the yeoman.

Droin watched as Capt. Santos?s former wife disappeared in a shower of

Later that same day, Droin caught Santos in sickbay.

?How?s the shoulder?? Droin asked her patient.

?A bit stiff. Nothing a little exercise won?t cure.?

Droin produced her medical tricorder and scanned Santos.

?Muscles are healing nicely, but they?re not at the point where I would
be comfortable with you performing anything more than light to
moderate?and I stress ?moderate??exercise.?

Santos nodded: ?Thank you, Doctor.?

Droin looked up from her PADD where she was charting Santos?s
information. ?Just doing my job,? she smiled.

?I don?t mean just for today. I mean for?everything.?

Droin let that pass.

?I saw Elizabeth today.?


Xristha thought about the incident in the transporter room, Elizabeth
saying ?I haven?t been feeling like myself the last couple of days,?
and considered whether to tell the Captain.

After a brief moment, she dismissed it. First came the issue of patient
confidentiality. Elizabeth?s condition?whatever it may be?was,
technically, none of Nick?s business. Secondly was the old feeling?the
Bandi called it the ?Shu?Alar? which translated roughly as
?feeling/instinct? but wasn?t quite that?that told her that some things
should stay between women, even in the Twenty-Fourth Century.

?I?ll see you at the luncheon??

Santos interrupted Droin?s thoughts.


?I said, ?I?ll see you at the luncheon?? For all senior staff and
officers?? In the dining room.?

?Of course,? Droin smiled. ?I?ll be there.?

?Tuscadero: 1130 hours, then.?

Droin nodded. Without another word, Capt. Dominic Santos left sickbay.

[To be continued]

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