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Capt. Dominic Santos
USS Vanguard - Bridge
After Mark's post


Cynan: "What if we powered down the ship? If we play dead maybe the 
turrets would leave us be and target the other two instead? They'd take

the full force and we could simple glide down to the planet on our own 

[And now...]

At about the same time that Dr Droin and Tails to Ennien discovered the
peril in which they had found themselves on Angel One, Captain Dominic
Cesar Santos turned to Mandrake with a new respect in his eyes.

Santos: That's just daring enough to work.

Soman: We'd have to use navigational thrusters to slow down our

McCaw: ...otherwise, we'll crash into the planet's surface at a few
hundred kilometers per second...

Highwaij: ...it would take coordination between all stations,
especially engineering.

Santos: =/\= Engineering. =/\=

Vokar: =/\=Vokar here. I sense I'm not going to like what I'm going to

Santos: =/\=How long would it take you to power down the Vanguard?=/\=

Vokar: =/\=The entire ship? An hour. More, maybe.=/\=

Santos: =/\=What can you do in the next five minutes?=/\=

Vokar: =/\=[Sighs.] It would be the equivalent of pulling power

Santos: =/\=Then do it.=/\=

Vokar: [Opens his mouth to protest, thinks better.] =/\=Aye, sir. Give
us five minutes.=/\=

Highwaij: =/\= All stations, repeat, all stations--this is the Bridge.
Prepare for total systems shutdown. Repeat, total systems shutdown in t
minus 300 seconds. Mark. =/\=

The bridge crew scrambled to their stations as the officers prepared
their various departments for what amounted to total systems failure.
Santos was amused with the thought that yanking the power on a ship
seemed like more work than bringing one to full power.

Barrett-Brown [to Santos]: What now?

Santos: Now we let them do what they do best--their jobs.

[Minutes pass.]

Soman [turning to Santos]: Ready.

Santos: With a minute-thirty to spare. Good work, all of you. On my
signal. And...mark.

The bridge suddenly went dark, the viewscreen a faceless entity.

Highwaij: By my calculations, we freefall for one minute. That should
get us past the last turret. Then we ignite the navigational thrust.

Santos: And that should bring us out from the steep dive?

Highwaij: It should.

Santos: 'Should'?

Highwaij: It's the best we can do. I don't think this has ever been
done before.

Santos: Next time, we'll make history another way.

As the planet's gravity grabbed ahold of them, there was a sudden
sensation of being yanked violently forward.

Santos: Brace yourselves!

It was the longest twenty seconds of their lives. As they approached
the thirty-second mark, Mandrake prepared to bring the navigational
thrusters online.

He pushed the button. Nothing happened.


An uneasiness stole over Q. She had excused herself from the table and
walk down an ornate corridor to a washroom. A male attendant averted
his gaze and handed her a towel as she walked through the door.

Attendant: Good evening, Lady.

Q: Whatever.

She sighed as she splashed water on her face. She rubbed her eyes
tiredly and opened them.

Her visage looked back in the mirror. And it also showed someone
standing there behind her. Two someones, precisely.

Q: Whoa!

Ooya: Q? You must come with us.

Q: Discounting the fact you guys have SERIOUS b.o.--I'm not going
anywhere with you.

The Vorgon look at one another and make a grab for her. She slips out
of their arms and blinks hard, waiting for the "sliding" sensation in
her more-mortal mind, the one that will tell her that she's moved
locations in the space-time continuum. Nothing happens.

Overcome with shock, she feels a hand clamp down on her arm. It feels
gravelly, she thinks, moments before they press buttons on the sides of
their "necks."

Her scream of violation radiates out from her in concentric circles; Dr
Droin turns toward it, Dellan Kye looks up from the security console on
the Vanguard, even as he's crashing toward the planet's surface, and
Sam McCaw clutches his head, as if he's just been plunged into a bad

And somewhere, the core of all the universes, both theirs and their
twin alternates, shivers a tiny bit at the thought that the Vorgon have
a fallen Q in their possession, and her friends, HER FAMILY, are at
that juncture about to fall to their deaths over a colony planet.

[Over to you!]

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